Could you save £150 on your online marketing spend?

If you use (or want to use!) online marketing such as social media or SEO and your business is based in Buckinghamshire or Oxfordshire, you could be entitled to a £150 voucher towards your marketing costs via the fantastic Get Online, Trade Online scheme launched by Buckinghamshire Business First.


We are proud providers for this scheme and are already helping businesses who have claimed their vouchers with social media support and SEO.

Here is some more information from BBF…..please do get in touch with them if you think this scheme has your name written all over it!

Over the past decade consumer habits have changed rapidly as customers seek greater levels of control and freedom in how and when they purchase goods or services over the internet. As a result, total website sales in the UK are currently worth £164 billion per year.

To help businesses make the most of the changing market, Buckinghamshire Business First, in partnership with Oxfordshire Business Support, Buckinghamshire Thames Valley and Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership’s, has launched its ‘Get Online, Trade Online’ (GO-TO) initiative to help micro’s, SMEs and sole traders based in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire to establish or enhance their online presence and encourage them to trade online.
Businesses can register their interest to receive vouchers worth £150, which will be available in early 2015, to help towards the cost of a website development project worth at least £350 (excluding VAT). Providers of digital based web solutions can also express their interest by registering their details to help small businesses find them, and encouraging customers to use the vouchers.
The vouchers, which are available until 20th March 2015, can contribute towards the cost of:
• Building a website
• Taking payment online
• Engaging with customers through social media
• Becoming efficient with online finance
• Marketing to customers online
• Staying safe online

If you are a small business who needs an online presence, or you know you can do more to promote your business and trade online, the GO-TO voucher scheme could be ideal for you.

To register now visit or call 01494 569062

Find out how to make your marketing plans really happen this year!

Happy New Year! It’s that time of year when people resolve to make changes for the year ahead. This year we’ve noticed more business goals being put in place and we’ve had a record number of new business enquiries in the first week of January. So what are your plans for your business in 2015 and are you likely to stick to them?

According to research, 40% of us set a New Year’s Resolution but only 8% of these are actually achieved. So why do so many of us fail? The answer is simple: we set ourselves unrealistic goals. The key to achieving your goals is to make them a habit, and more importantly make them a small task to start with. Here is a list of examples of how this translates to some of the 3 most common New Year’s resolutions:

  • Resolution: Quit smoking vs. Habit: Stop smoking that 1 cigarette you have every morning after breakfast.
  • Resolution: Eat healthy food vs. Habit: Start substituting that 1 daily morning chocolate bar for a piece of fruit.
  • Resolution: Lose weight vs. Habit: Every evening after work, go for a 2-3 minute run or walk around the block.

So if you have made any of these New Year’s resolutions for your business, we’d like to offer a “bite-size” solution:

  • Goal: Improve your website rankings and increase quality traffic to your site. Solution: Book onto a 2 hour one-to-one SEO workshop.
  • Goal: Communicate regularly with your clients. Solution: Create a newsletter template in Mailchimp.
  • Goal: Improve your presence on social media and grow your followers. Solution: Book onto a 2 hour one-to-one social media workshop.
  • Goal: Update your website regularly. Solution: Write a blog.

The secret to making these work is then to commit a regular time to implement them, therefore making them a habit e.g. we have committed to writing a weekly blog this year.

If you are not sure where to start with your marketing for the year ahead, then perhaps consider one of our brainstorming sessions. We’re looking forward to our first brainstorming session of the year with a new client next week.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and successful year ahead!

How has 2014 been for you?

As 2014 draws to a close, we’ve been reflecting on our journey this year.

Rather than slowing down, December has been wonderfully busy. We’ve shared our calendars with our regular clients (“counting down to Christmas with 1,2,3” has become somewhat of a tradition) and we’ve sent our first digital Christmas card (finally moving away from paper cards as we promote digital marketing after all) as well as fitting in all of our usual meetings, networking and client work. We enjoyed a traditional Christmas party this year with our families and we’ve even spread some festive cheer with this cheeky video.

Social Media Network

At the beginning of the year we set a few goals, and some of these included investing in our own marketing. We are so busy looking after everybody else; it’s easy to put our own marketing at the bottom of the “to-do” list. We are delighted with our new website which showcases our key offerings. More importantly we were thrilled with the amount of clients who happily provided glowing testimonials for us to share with everybody. We invested in some great new imagery (including our new headshots) and we’re writing more blogs and generally “practicing what we preach”.

4thbirthdayseeds2Our business wouldn’t be our business without our fantastic clients and we are lucky to work with some truly lovely people who very much class us as part of their teams. To list all of the highlights and interesting projects we’ve worked on this year, would simply take too long, but you can see our regular clients here. A huge thank you to everyone we’ve worked with this year and to all those of have supported us along the way. We’ve also delivered more training sessions than ever, ranging from copywriting to social media to SEO. We are proud to be able to share our knowledge and help others manage their own marketing.

So what will 2015 bring? Hopefully more of the same! Our diaries for January are already bursting with meetings and we have a marketing brainstorming session, a SEO workshop and a social media workshop all booked for the first 2 weeks in January already. We’re now starting to take bookings for February! We will also be celebrating our 5th birthday in February. Wow – 5 years! We’ll let you know how we plan to celebrate (bubbles will almost certainly be involved). This year on our 4th anniversary, we shared seeds with our clients to symbolise “growth”.

DSCF8735And finally, just a note to say how blessed we are to be working together. Not many people are lucky enough to say they get to work with their best friend every day. Who would have thought that 2 geeky teenagers would be running their own marketing company together?! Just goes to show what hard work, commitment and a few giggles along the way can achieve. And life should also be about balance, so we’re sure there will be a few social commitments throughout next year for us to enjoy too!

We’re planning on enjoying some time off with our families over the next 2 weeks, so we’ll be raring to go in the New Year! We’d like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and here’s to a fantastic year ahead!

Lisa & Claire

xmas baubles


Testimonials – They mean the World

We are so blessed to be able to work with some fantastic businesses and individuals and when we receive great feedback, it really does mean the world. We love what we do and it is humbling to know our clients are so happy with our service.

This recent testimonial from Amy Belcher at Companion Care Vets / Vets4Pets is possibly one of the best we’ve received……we just had to share!

“It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity recommend One To Three Marketing Solutions. Since our business relationship began in 2008 One to Three have delivered world-class service in many ways. Their research and advisory role on how to develop and implement the social media strategy across the group and to offer detailed directional advice online has been second to none. Their guidance on how to approach both corporate PR to raise the company profile throughout the industry and community PR for our practices has been superb.  The ongoing relationship and aftercare service they provide to ensure we are continuously at the top of our game and generally to make sure everything is running smoothly is fantastic. I cannot recommend them highly enough.” Amy Belcher, September 2014

What does your tagline say about you?

Earlier this week, Lisa worked with Katie Rowland of KRC Coaching to present a workshop on taglines to the WIBN group in Reading.  We got some great feedback and lots of ideas were generated, so we just wanted to share some of the key points.

What is a tagline?

Also known as a slogan or a strapline, a tagline is a short phrase that tells your audience what you offer. With just a few words, your tagline must be understandable, summarise the product or service, build trust or incite to buy. Taglines can be your best and least expensive form of advertising.

No matter what your company does, your tagline creates a first impression.  Make sure this is the right impression!

A tagline can be a powerful message to enhance your brand.  Who hasn’t heard of:


Tagline – Things to consider

A tagline should be:

  • Memorable
  • Clear not clever
  • So what? – Benefits
  • Personality
  • Can include a call to action e.g. Think Different
  • Keep it simple – single words can work well (always good in threes) e.g.


Review your taglines

It’s never too late to change a dull, tired, non-communicating tagline. Even the biggest brands with famous taglines change their slogan every few years. Most people remember when Coke was “The Real Thing,” but look at all the other taglines they’ve used over a period of 20 years:

  • 1970: It’s the real thing.
  • 1971: I’d like to buy the world a Coke.
  • 1976: Coke adds life.
  • 1979: Have a Coke and a Smile.
  • 1990: Can’t Beat the Real Thing.

How smart is your tagline?

The best taglines separate you from your competition, express your personality and add to your branding and marketing campaign. A tagline should tell not only what your company does; it should also make it clear how you are unique compared to your competition.

Assess your current tagline by asking yourself three questions:
1. If you left your business card somewhere, could someone glance at it and know exactly what your company does?
2. Would your tagline work if your competitors used it?
3. Are you proud to use your tagline every day?

Where should you use a tagline?

Now you have your tagline, make sure you use it!!  Places to include it are as follows:

  • Business card
  • Website – We recommend homepage
  • Email signature
  • Networking events
  • Marketing collateral eg appointment cards
  • Any presentation title slide
  • Social media

Even we benefitted from the workshop.  Our old tagline was “Making your marketing solutions as simple as 1,2,3”.  We’ve now tweaked this to:

Making your marketing as easy as 1,2,3

So what changes will you make to your tagline?

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Back to school…with a bang!

So the junior One to Three team (four boys between us!) are back to school next week and whilst we’ve enjoyed lots of fun with them over the summer we’ve been busy helping clients to keep on top of their marketing too!

Many of our clients are, like us, working parents and some have commented on getting back in to ‘work-mode’ now that the nights are drawing in and the first Christmas (I know, don’t get me started!) ads have started popping up.

So….how best to do this?

Our advice is three-fold:

1) Get out there and network!

Those of you who know us will have heard us raving about business networking. Whether it’s a weekly breakfast meeting, a monthly lunch or a drop in session where you grab a coffee, networking WORKS! Attending meetings and expanding your contact list is a sure fire way to get you back into ‘work mode.’ As members of both WIBN and Athena we can highly recommend these groups and we also love the set up of Business Biscotti and Fabulous Women and Marvellous Men. 

2) Get Social!!

Do you #hashtag and RT?
Have you posted or shared lately? Do you pin?

Social media is here to stay and an extension of the physical networking we mention above.

Get to grips with Facebook for Business, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram…the list goes on and on and a whole new world of business opportunity can open up to you.

3) Review

Dust off your marketing plan (and if you haven’t got one…….give us a call!) and review where you are. What have you achieved? What are your goals for the next quarter? What areas could do with a refresh?

Review your website too – is in up to date? Do you have any recent testimonials and case studies online? Do all of the links work? How is it performing (Google Analytics is a FREE tool…a must have for this review process.)

Many of our clients use us to help them get into ‘work-mode’ – by booking a brainstorm meeting that can focus their marketing and provide achievable goals. We always leave clients with some ‘quick win’ ideas, a list of ‘must-haves’ and then ideas that can be put on the back burner. More information about our brainstorm sessions can be found on our website

So, enjoy ‘back-to-school’ and remember 1) network, 2) get social and 3) review!!


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Time for a marketing ‘spring-clean’?

Spring is most definitely in the air (really….despite the cold weather the daffodils are blooming and the baby lambs are skipping around the fields!)

So, why not give your own marketing a dust-off and a little “spring-clean”.

We are all so busy looking after our client requirements that we often
don’t have much time to invest in our own businesses.

So we thought we’d share a few free tools with you that might help
with your spring cleaning!

Everybody should have a free Google Account as you can then Make the
most of Google Places and Google Alerts. It’s quick and easy to sign up at

If you struggle to keep on top of your social media then use a free
social media management tool like Hootsuite to
schedule messages and plan your social media for the month ahead.

Finally, if you are sending any email communications then always use a
management system like Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor. This will allow
you to measure the success of every email campaign, from opens to
click throughs.

If you’d like to know more about the free tools that can help with
your marketing, then please drop Lisa a line

Take your business blinkers off!!

It’s been a month of meetings for team One to Three – some brand new clients and prospects and some catching up with old networking friends and colleagues.
Over a relaxed coffee with networking colleague, the lovely Lorraine Pascoe from Catch Telemarketing ( we came up with a joint offering that could offer real value to both of our client bases.
It’s early days in our thought process so we won’t divulge too much detail now (we promise we will in the future!) but it got us thinking that you never know where the next business opportunity may come from. We’ve known Lorraine for over two years now and our ‘bright idea’ only just hit.  
So next time you are networking, or browsing LinkedIn or Twitter take a moment to remove those business blinkers and see what opportunities are out there. You never know what might be around the corner!

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We wanna hold your hand!!!

Please sing this blog’s headline to the tune of the well know Beatles song!! Thank you!!
But why do we want to hold your hand – well having a hand to hold is comforting isn’t it? A romantic stroll holding hands, a walk to school holding hands with your child – how lovely! 
Yes you say but what’s this got to do with a business blog……
Okay, let’s get to the point – many clients have employed us in recent months to hold their hand as they dip their toe into the ocean of social media. We are there to guide them, teach them, develop strategies with them and answer questions which almost always begin with, “I know this might be a silly question, but………”
Whenever you are trying something new it’s nice to know you’ve got someone to turn to with those “silly questions” who can give you the answers and help you along the way. 
We work with some clients on an ongoing basis, managing their social media strategy day-to-day but with others we will work with them for one or two months, getting them started, building their confidence…..holding their hands!
If you’d like to find out more about how we can offer a bit of comfort and familiarity in what can be a scary online world please contact us via

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We’re all going on a Summer Holiday……

……no more worries for a week or two!!!

Or is keeping in touch with your clients worrying you?

Many of our clients are like us, working mums who strive to find that elusive ‘work life balance.’ With the six-week Summer holiday just around the corner have you given much thought to how you will keep in touch with clients and prospects whilst you squeeze in some days out with the children and perhaps even a fortnight in the sun?

We think we’ve got the balance pretty spot on so thought we’d share with you how we do it!

In terms of current clients we are honest with them about how we work over the Summer – generally it is consolidated hours at our desks when the children are at sports camp or with Grandparents, catching up on emails of an evening and available by mobile phone for any emergencies.

With two of us running the business we also have the benefit of being able to cover for each other – if one of us it out of the country sipping a Cosmopolitan by the pool, the other takes on the responsibility for all clients.

This will be our third Summer of working this way and ….. well it works!

But what about keeping your own marketing afloat over the Summer months? If you’ve worked hard all year to build your blog, keep your website up to date and grow your social media presence you don’t want to spoil that hard work with a 6-week silence!

Tools such as Tweet Deck and Hootsuite allow you to keep your online marketing ticking over, even if you don’t have as much time as usual to dedicate to it. A bit of forward planning now and  you can have your Facebook and Twitter posts scheduled, your blogs written and ready to go live on your website and no-one will feel neglected.

As well as keeping our own presence up to date in this way we manage a number of our own clients’s social media feeds, providing content and strategy……check out our case studies page to find out more about how we can help clients!

So relax, get scheduling and enjoy some well deserved time off this Summer!

Happy holidays!!

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