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We first wrote this post back in June 2019 and much of the advice we shared is even more relevant today as we enter the 6th week of the UK’s Covid-19 ‘lockdown.’ Social media has become a lifeline for so many people – it’s keeping us connected personally and professionally.


With this in mind we’ve updated our authenticity guide:

Being authentic is one of the main pieces of advice I give to my clients. People buy from people and the more ‘real’ you are the more you are likely to connect with people in a digital world – here are a few tips whether you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or all of the above! 

Be honest. 

Don’t try to appear to be something you are not. We are all adjusting to these extraordinary times and it’s ok to share how you are coping. 

Being approachable and honest is so important, in my opinion, always but now more than ever. 

Use video 

We are all lacking the connection that being physically with others gives us – video is definitely a good enough substitute.

Utilising video on social media is a great way to be authentic. Showing people the real you can be done so easily in front of the camera. 

It’s important to ‘just be you’ – you’re not perfect (no-one is!) so don’t try to make your videos perfect either.

If you try to make your videos perfect you’ll never post them! 

Taking the plunge with a live video is one of the best ways to really let ‘you’ shine – have something to say? Go live and say it! 

Here’s a few tips for recording videos – live or otherwise!

  • Prepare what you want to say. Don’t write a script necessarily (this will dampen the authenticity) but know what your point is so you don’t waffle!
  • Record your video / live somewhere that is quiet enough that background noise won’t be an issue and where there won’t be loads of distractions.
  • Check your appearance before you record (no sticking up hair or spinach in your teeth!!) but don’t obsess over looking perfect – this is you remember! 
  • Once your video is streaming or posted, don’t disappear. Be present to respond to comments and questions ‘in the moment.’

Keep it real! 

Keeping it real will make it you relatable. 

Are you finding working from home with your partner, kids and pets invading your space stressful?  Share it. 

Spilt coffee on your white top? Share it. 

Had a totally unproductive day & wondering if you should give up? Share it. 

All of the above will have happened to most human beings and by keeping it real and sharing the real journey you are on with your business, not the rose tinted version, will make you far more relatable. 

What interests you? 

I love my family, my dogs and walking and on occasion I’ll share some of this on my social media pages. The posts are always well received. 

I’ll always bring it back to business – for example if I’m writing content and hit a brick wall, a walk with the dogs in the woods always clears my head and gets me back on track. 

People buy people so by sharing some of your interests you are going to forge those online connections with like-minded people that might just lead to a business relationship. 

Keep going!

The Covid-19 crisis has hit many businesses hard and whilst times are tough and you might have had to pause any outsourced marketing but DON’T GIVE UP!  Keep your social media posts going, don’t disappear – even if it’s one post a week sharing your news, how you’re feeling, reaching out to others…..it’s worth it!

A regular flow of ‘you’ will help people get to know the real you. …..Social media authenticity is a great way of building your brand. 

Read more marketing tips here.

Open post

Engagement on social media – and how to increase it!

Now, more than ever, communicating with our customers online, via our social channels, is crucial. Social media is far from perfect but as we are being advised against social contact, for the time being, it will become a life line for our businesses.

This blog outlines some ways of increasing your engagement on your social media channels.

First of all – what is engagement? 

Engagement is something of a ‘holy grail’ for social media! Engagement means likes, comments and shares on your posts – an active action from one of your followers.

Reach is something often talked about – reach is the number of times your post is seen. So not acted upon, just seen.

What is a good engagement rate? 

This is an interesting one!

For Facebook

0.5 – 0.99% is considered average

1% and over is considered good

For Instagram

1-3.5% is considered good

3.6-6% is considered high

6+% is amazing!

These figures are small aren’t they?  Don’t let small numbers discourage you! Having less followers but followers of the right type is better


  1. Use stories! They are a very engaging part of Instagram and a place to share your personality. Click here to find a full guide to using Instagram stories
  2. Video – embrace video as much as possible. Don’t be scared of it – our blog features various guides to help you – read them here. Videos are a great way to build engagement and share ‘you’ with your audience.
  3. Repost – sharing posts on Instagram is a way to interact with others and build relationships. This in turn builds engagement. You have to use a third party app – you can find it on the App Store – click here for info. Once downloaded it’s a process that takes a minute.
  4. Hashtags are a way of getting involved in other people’s conversations. http://best-hashtags.com is a great website to research which hashtags you should be using.



  1. Ask questions! Use Facebook’s poll function – this is a great way to get talking to your fans and have some fun. To add a poll:

From your News Feed, click Pages in the left menu and select your Page.

Click Write a post… at the top of the Page.

Click then select Poll.

Type the question you want to ask.

Click Option 1 or Option 2 and enter the options for your poll. …

Click or to add a photo or GIF to your options.

2. Groups are HUGE on Facebook. Finding geographical groups, industry specific, lifestyle led – you could suddenly have  access to thousands of members. Engage with them – share links to your page and get to know others.

3. Go LIVE! Be present on your page with ‘the real you’. I am a believer that your authentic voice needs to come through as much as possible and there’s not better way to do this than going live!  Simple select the ‘live’ button at the top of your page.

4. Post less! Less is more with Facebook. Don’t feel the pressure to keep posting and slogging away to get engagement – this will saturate your audience. Give your content more thought, ask questions and give the post room to breathe. Your engagement will grow.


Thank you for reading – Claire

9 tips to improve your social media

To celebrate our 9th anniversary of being in business here are 9 tips to help you to improve your social media.

  1. First things first, are you using the right platforms? Instagram isn’t for every business – it suits a younger audience and a visual product. Twitter won’t bring much to the party unless you have the time to tweet, at least, daily and interact even more! Speak to an expert about what platforms are right for your business and ensure you’re managing one or two well, not five or six badly!
  2. Have you gone live? Live videos aren’t as scary as they sound and they can be hugely engaging for your audience. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn offer ‘live’ tech and we’d highly recommend you give them a go. Whether it’s you chatting to your ‘fans’ directly, perhaps you can share some tips, a bit about your day, something to make people laugh, or you showing people around your office, studio or shop, the odd live is worth trying out! Read some more of our live tips here.
  3. Ask questions. Think of social media as you would a networking event. You don’t walk into a room and just stand there and talk…(we hope!) Asking questions on your page and getting people to engage with you is so important. Facebook, Instagram and Twittter have a ‘poll’ feature which is a great way to run a ‘survey’ or you can just simply ask a question.
  4. ALWAYS use an image! Sorry for the ‘shouty’ capitals but never EVER post to any social media platform without an image. Your message will simply get lost. www.pixabay.com is a great royalty free site if you don’t have your own images and another tool we love is Wordswag.
  5. Once upon a time..” The story functions on Instagram and Facebook are little snippets of information that sit at the top of the app or website for 24-hours before disappearing. They are a great way of getting your message ‘front and centre’ and are perfect for injecting a little bit of personality into your social media content. Give them a go! Read a bit more about Facebook stories here.
  6. Video isn’t going anywhere! We ran video workshops last year that proved to be very popular and we can’t stress enough how important video is when it comes to variety in your social media content. Did you know that we retain around 80% of what we watch and only 10% of what we read! 92 percent of mobile video viewers share videos with others and 55% of people watch videos online every day! If you’re not using video as a communication tool on your social media channels and website you’re missing out! Read a bit more about videos and ideal lengths here.
  7. Don’t sell, sell, sell. Social media content is not about purely selling. As a rough guide around 80% of what you share should be useful tips, personality, news etc and only 20% should be pure sales posts. We have developed a really simple social media content planning tool – if you’d like a copy just email claire@onetothree.co.uk.
  8. Join groups – Facebook and LinkedIn groups are a great way for you to reach a whole new audience. You can only paste in groups (at the time of writing) as yourself, not as your business page or company page, but Facebook has been rolling out a business capability, on and off, so watch this space. You might ‘kiss a few frogs’ before you find the exact right groups for you but keep going, when you find a gem you’ll feel like a Princess (or Prince!)
  9. Finally #hashtags. Used well they are a perfect way to grow your network, especially on Instagram and Twitter. They’re a great search tool on all Facebook and LinkedIn too. Don’t make up hashtags and expect to be inundated with new followers and likes. Hashtags are a way of joining a community not inventing one! This website is brilliant to find the most popular hashtags for various topics https://www.all-hashtag.com/top-hashtags.php.

We hope you enjoyed our 9 tips to help you improve your social media.

Look out for more in our 9 series this month!

Stand out from the crowd on social media

Facebook released figures last week stating that 1.9 billion users are on Facebook each month and 700 million on Instagram. Mind Boggling!!

It’s great news that social media platforms continue to thrive and grow but just how do you make your posts stand out?

We wanted to share our favourite ten tips and tools with you.


Always add images to your posts. Instagram is of course image led but we recommend you don’t ever post on Facebook without an accompanying image either. The eye is so much easier drawn to an image than just words.


An amazing website that gives you access to copywrite free images is pixabay.com Search by keywords and you’ll get a great selection to use. You can become a member and add your own images for others to use too. Pixabay is one of our favourite picture sources.


Add images to Tweets too. Although Twitter is more about the ‘short, sharp’ 140 character message, images will help your tweets to stand out from the crowd.


Did you know you can amend the font in a Facebook post? We shared a nifty tool we found on our Facebook page last month. Check out http://www.fbfontchanger.com for access to all sorts of fonts that will make your posts that little bit different.


You can upload multiple photos to Facebook in the form of slideshows. When you want to add a new post hit the ‘camera’ icon and choose the slideshow option. Add your photos, set how long each image should show for and hey presto. A great little rolling slideshow is created.


Instagram has a recent update that allows you to add multiple images to a post – give it a go! Just click the ‘collage’ icon to the bottom right when adding your images. It’s a great story telling tool.

Create collages. There are many free apps out there to create picture collages. Two of our favourites are InstaCollage and CollageFactory – collages allow you to tell a story in one photo and look really effective.


Don’t neglect video! We’ve blogged about the importance of video previously. It’s important to mix up the content of your social media feeds so link to YouTube, post some video clips directly or check out tools such as Boomerang – read more in our video blog 


Play with filters. The filters available on Instagram can take your images to the next level – experiment with them, try sepia and black and white. Going with something a bit ‘different’ will make people notice you.


Go Live! Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all have ‘live’ options where you can video in the moment and share what you’re up to right now with your audience. Give them a go! The functionality of the live tools is really user friendly and you can just start with a few seconds of what’s happening in your world and build up to sharing pieces to camera or more detail. Read more about Going Live in our blog


Enjoy getting creative – don’t be a wallflower…..smile, sparkle, shine!!

How to make the most of Instagram

We’re pleased to be running a group Instagram training workshop in April – read below for all of the information



April 27th 2017

10am – 1130am

High Wycombe

£55 per person


Instagram is one of the fasted growing social media platforms and its influence is on the rise.

The biggest age group of Instagram users is 16-24 with 24-34 not far behind.

Is this your target audience? If so you need to be making the most of Instagram.

Our workshop will get you started, give advice on how to set up your account for maximum effect, what to post, when to post it, how to use stories and #hashtags and how to build your followers.

A maximum of 4 people at the workshop will ensure you’ll get hands-on help

To book your place email Claire@onetothree.co.uk or call 07970 403158

Why you MUST use video in your social media marketing

Usually we aren’t ones for being bossy (a-hem…..some might disagree!) but I’m very happy to put my neck on the line and say if you’re not using video as part of your social media content YOU SHOULD BE!!!

Social media is becoming less and less about the words on the page and more and more about the imagery and video used. Social media platforms are encouraging video at every turn – Instagram stories, Twitter and Facebook Live …it’s all aimed at us sharing more and more moving pictures!

We wanted to share some good reasons why we think (know) this and some tips on how to create your own video too.

Why use video?

  1. Video builds trust! Social media is all about building a relationship with your customers and all good relationships are built on….you’ve got it….trust! Just look at how YouTubers have sky-rocketed in the last 12 months, millions of people subscribe to channels that share content via video.
  2. Google loves Video! Stats show that You’re 53 times more likely to get your website on the first page of Google if you have a video embedded on your website. Don’t forget that Google owns YouTube, so there has been a significant increase in how video affects search engine rankings.
  3. The world is going (or should we say has gone) mobile! YouTube reports mobile video consumption rises 100% every year
  4. If you’ve got a complex product or service a short video can demystify this far quicker than the written work or a diagram! Think animation and beautiful imagery with some keywords – a voiceover isn’t always necessary – get creative.
  5. Video is easy to digest – assume your customer is lazy or busy or both! A short video requires no effort on their part.
  6. People share things that make them ‘feel’ so if you want your video to go viral focus on the emotion of the piece rather than the facts

 YouTube – a must have!

If you do one thing today, set up a YouTube channel – it’s a free Google tool and one you should be utilizing.

Name your page well (with your brand) add logos and a description that is in line with the rest of your marketing online.

Don’t forget to optimize your Videos on YouTube – write interesting titles and descriptions with your keywords in mind. Add a link back to your website, products and services to make it easy for visitors to your YouTube channel to find out more about you on your website.

Creating video

You don’t need to hire a fully fledged film crew to create your video.

The fantastic app iMovie allows anyone to create engaging videos in a few minutes with minimal knowledge! No more excuses for not making videos! A 1 minute clip of images with a voiceover can take about the same time to create – and it looks really professional.

The best way to learn is to play around with apps like iMovie. You’ll find your own favourites! Ripl and Facebook’s inbuilt slide-show app are my other faves as well as Boomerang – great for moving images of a few seconds.

We hope we’ve inspired you to give video a try!



Open post

Starting the year with a BANG – award winning social media no less!

WOW! We’re starting the new year off with a bang as we’ve just found out that we have helped one of our clients, Lavender and Stone Beauty Rooms to win a major social media competition!

We’re feeling pretty awesome to say the least!

Beauty giant Decleor invited all of their salons and spas across the UK to participate and we are over the moon that Lavender and Stone have won!

We used a mix of social media strategies and platforms, including paid for ads and organic posts across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. We aimed for beautiful visuals, engaging copy and regular posts.

We had to submit a 1-pager to summarise how far our campaign reached….

Here’s the winning entry!


Twitter quick tip….

Following a question from a colleague today I thought I’d address the issue of characters when composing a tweet


Twitter allows 140 characters.

That’s not many!

It includes spaces and it includes any links or images (which generate a link) that you add to your tweet.

You can get smart by using abbreviations such as “Pls” instead of “please” “&” instead of “and”….you get the picture!

You can also shrink links using tools such as Ow.ly and bitly.com

These nifty sites change a long URL such as www.onetothreemarketing.com/blog to something far more Twitter friendly….like this http://ow.ly/ZNORb

That’s all for today! I hope this tip was useful. Claire x

Social media quick tip – Facebook Page ‘ownership’

Some businesses will ask a member of their team, a VA, or a marketing consultant to set up their Facebook page. The best way to do this is to link the page to the Facebook personal profile of the person who owns the business, this ensures that a few years down the line the owner of the page (and the business) who is likely to remain the same keeps control of the Facebook page.

However lots of businesses haven’t done it this way and the ownership of the Facebook page will sit with an ex-employee or the VA or the marketing consultant.

There is no need to panic!

To ‘gain’ ownership of a page you simply need to be an admin.

If you are an admin you can delete other page admins or editors from the page and it becomes under your control.

Simply go into Facebook – settings – page roles and click the ‘x’ next to the name you wish to remove.

You’ll be asked to enter your password (that’s your personal FB login) and then, that’s it, you’re done!

So for all of you business owners out there, take 2 minutes to ensure you are an admin on your business Facebook page so that if you do need to ‘take ownership’ it’s a quick and easy process.


Keep your eyes peeled for more social media quick tips!

Why every business should have a presence on social media

“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it” Erik Qualman

Social media is here to stay and love it or loathe it on a personal level, the impact it can have on a business should never be underestimated.

Here are our top picks on why businesses need to get social.


Brand awareness

Never has it been easier to get your brand in front of your audience. No more paying ‘big bucks’ to advertise in a glossy magazine, you can now reach an audience of thousands through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and all of the other social platforms out there.

Organic growth is possible on social media – 1 person likes your post, their friends see and you get another like, their friends see…and so the spider web grows.

A small budget for advertising on social media is particularly effective on Facebook and Twitter as some very specific targeting options are available. Spend a little (from £5) and you’ll start to see your brand awareness rise.

Reputation management

Some people are scared of social media. They are scared of putting themselves, and their business, ‘out there’ but in my opinion the scary thing is avoiding social media.

If you get a complaint posted on your Facebook page, deal with it. Stay professional, calm and helpful (even if you are seething behind the scenes) and your audience will judge you more on your response than on the original complaint.

NEVER ignore a complaint on social media and I advise clients to only hide comments that are defamatory or in bad taste – hiding any negative feedback can look like you’ve got something to hide and is sure to upset your customer.


Having a presence on social media shows you’re the ‘real deal’ – not being visible on social media is as bad as not having a website.

Would you trust a business without an online presence?

You can also share testimonials and case studies as these build trust. We can all say how great we are but our customers saying it is far more powerful.

Customer insights

Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics are two free tools that business users have access to. They give you a really good insight into who is using your pages – from location to interests and demographics.

You may think you know who your audience is but social media gives you a real insight into who they actually are.

Not all businesses are client facing – do you get to see you customers on a daily basis? Probably not. Social media gives you the opportunity to engage with them and get to know them.

Clever content is key here – asking the right questions and stimulating discussion. Keeping on top of interactions is also important because you don’t want to be seen to be ignoring your audience.

Competitions are a great way to ‘give something back’ and don’t forget to add some personality into your content – this is key to engagement.

Driving traffic to your website

Your website is one of billions that are live – did you know that around 550 websites go live online each minute of each day! Mind blowing!

Social media is a way to drive traffic to your website – linking posts to your website is quick and easy to set up and if you have Google Analytics installed on your site you’ll be able to evaluate which platforms are driving traffic most effectively.

To conclude, why use social media? Seth Godin puts it well:

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”

Telling your story can even be fun..give it a go!





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