9 tips to improve your social media

To celebrate our 9th anniversary of being in business here are 9 tips to help you to improve your social media.

  1. First things first, are you using the right platforms? Instagram isn’t for every business – it suits a younger audience and a visual product. Twitter won’t bring much to the party unless you have the time to tweet, at least, daily and interact even more! Speak to an expert about what platforms are right for your business and ensure you’re managing one or two well, not five or six badly!
  2. Have you gone live? Live videos aren’t as scary as they sound and they can be hugely engaging for your audience. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn offer ‘live’ tech and we’d highly recommend you give them a go. Whether it’s you chatting to your ‘fans’ directly, perhaps you can share some tips, a bit about your day, something to make people laugh, or you showing people around your office, studio or shop, the odd live is worth trying out! Read some more of our live tips here.
  3. Ask questions. Think of social media as you would a networking event. You don’t walk into a room and just stand there and talk…(we hope!) Asking questions on your page and getting people to engage with you is so important. Facebook, Instagram and Twittter have a ‘poll’ feature which is a great way to run a ‘survey’ or you can just simply ask a question.
  4. ALWAYS use an image! Sorry for the ‘shouty’ capitals but never EVER post to any social media platform without an image. Your message will simply get lost. www.pixabay.com is a great royalty free site if you don’t have your own images and another tool we love is Wordswag.
  5. Once upon a time..” The story functions on Instagram and Facebook are little snippets of information that sit at the top of the app or website for 24-hours before disappearing. They are a great way of getting your message ‘front and centre’ and are perfect for injecting a little bit of personality into your social media content. Give them a go! Read a bit more about Facebook stories here.
  6. Video isn’t going anywhere! We ran video workshops last year that proved to be very popular and we can’t stress enough how important video is when it comes to variety in your social media content. Did you know that we retain around 80% of what we watch and only 10% of what we read! 92 percent of mobile video viewers share videos with others and 55% of people watch videos online every day! If you’re not using video as a communication tool on your social media channels and website you’re missing out! Read a bit more about videos and ideal lengths here.
  7. Don’t sell, sell, sell. Social media content is not about purely selling. As a rough guide around 80% of what you share should be useful tips, personality, news etc and only 20% should be pure sales posts. We have developed a really simple social media content planning tool – if you’d like a copy just email claire@onetothree.co.uk.
  8. Join groups – Facebook and LinkedIn groups are a great way for you to reach a whole new audience. You can only paste in groups (at the time of writing) as yourself, not as your business page or company page, but Facebook has been rolling out a business capability, on and off, so watch this space. You might ‘kiss a few frogs’ before you find the exact right groups for you but keep going, when you find a gem you’ll feel like a Princess (or Prince!)
  9. Finally #hashtags. Used well they are a perfect way to grow your network, especially on Instagram and Twitter. They’re a great search tool on all Facebook and LinkedIn too. Don’t make up hashtags and expect to be inundated with new followers and likes. Hashtags are a way of joining a community not inventing one! This website is brilliant to find the most popular hashtags for various topics https://www.all-hashtag.com/top-hashtags.php.

We hope you enjoyed our 9 tips to help you improve your social media.

Look out for more in our 9 series this month!

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