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How do I encourage reach and engagement on LinkedIn?

This is a question we get asked all of the time. Reach and engagement are something of the “Holy Grail” for social media marketeers and we spend much of our time helping clients to increase their stats. We thought we’d share with you this month our top tips on how to encourage reach and engagement on LinkedIn in particular.

  • Post different types of content: text, images, and video. Video was hugely prioritised by LinkedIn earlier in 2020. The biased towards video seems to be less so right now but video still generally does well.
  • Stay consistent! This algorithm will downgrade your content if you post randomly. Once per week is a bit of a sweet spot for most, some ‘experts’ will tell you once a day but we think this is bit much. The most important thing is consistency so as this helps to building up your track record.
  • The best times to post on LinkedIn currently are Wednesday at 3 pm, Thursday between 9–10 am and Friday from 11 am – noon. (source:
  • Share articles as well as posts – LinkedIn will recognise articles as quality content.
  • Make the most of LinkedIn’s various functionality to encourage engagement e.g. LinkedIn’s polls are a great way to research people’s opinions. Try giving a team member or somebody you work with “Kudos” (only available on LinkedIn).  If you are running an event (obviously online at the moment), then ensure you set this up as LinkedIn event and you can invite your connections to attend to spread awareness.
  • Use hashtags on your posts – keep them relevant though and aim for 6 maximum.
  • External links can affect the algorithm – aim to post off LinkedIn around 20% of the time – if you have more information to share use articles and share posts to the article.
  • Conversation starters do well in LinkedIn’s algorithm – posts that encourage your connections to answer or ask questions in the comments.
  • TOP TIP – remember to reply to all comments on your posts!
  • Your LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI) measures how effective you are at establishing your professional brand, finding the right people, engaging with insights, and building relationships. A ‘good’ SSI is around 65-70% – you can check yours via the link below. If yours is lower try to post consistently, engage with others, get and give recommendations and make new connections regularly.
    Not all accounts can see their SSI – it seems to keep being phased out but does seem to be reappearing!
  • The more relevant the content, the more likely people are to engage with it. So ask yourself, “Will people share this or comment on it?”
  • Tag others – They are likely to share. Ask questions and encourage interactions. Ask opinions. Engagement is the key to success!
  • Avoid being controversial  – you might get engagement but the wrong kind!
  • Use humour (where appropriate).  We’ve seen this work well more so than ever in the current climate.
  • LinkedIn Stories have recently been launched on the mobile app. They last for 24 hours and are another way for you to communicate with your LinkedIn connections. Give them a go!

We’d love to know what your most engaging LinkedIn post has been recently, or which got the most reach – tell us in the comments.

We offer training and mentoring to businesses looking to improve their social media presence – contact us to find out more.

How to add events to LinkedIn

It seems to us that LinkedIn is morphing more into a version of Facebook every day, but its new addition of an events function is definitely welcome!

For any business that runs events, workshops etc, LinkedIn now offers the ability to add events –  not just as a post on your timeline or information in an article but as a separate function.

At the time of writing LinkedIn events is said to be still rolling out to all users but here’s where to look.

The screenshot below shows my LinkedIn homepage – you can see the events ‘tab’ on the left hand side under groups.

LinkedIn events

Click on the ‘+’ and you’ll be taken to this screen:

LinkedIn events

Just fill in the information – think about keywords in the event name and description.

When done, click create!

That’s it.

LinkedIn say that both organisers and attendees of events can send invitations to connections to attend an event.

Once you’ve accepted an invite to an event, the feature gives you access to a list of LinkedIn members who have also accepted the invite – a good way to connect with others before the physical meeting. You can also participate in discussions with other attendees by posting in the event feed.

We’d love to know if you’ll be making use of this new function? Let us know in the comments.

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Our Top LinkedIn Tips…..

We have been doing lots of LinkedIn work this month, helping networking colleagues to make the most of their LinkedIn profiles and to really make their connections work for them and their business objectives.

Are you LinkedIn? 

If not….why?!?! It’s SUCH a good social media tool for businesses and the free account is packed full of features and functions.

If you are….do you thin you are using it to it’s full advantage? 

We’ve developed the following ‘top tips’ to get you started….happy networking!

Stating the obvious?! Perhaps but once you’ve signed up to LinkedIn you need to connect with people, businesses and groups.
After every networking meeting spend some time working through the business cards collected and search for the individuals on LinkedIn. If they’re on there, send a request to connect.
DON’T send LinkedIn’s generic “I’d like to connect with you on LinkedIn” request – be more personal. As an example a recent request I sent said….. “We met at the charity evening in Burnham last week, it was great to meet (and compare our love of all things Mint Velvet)… would be great to connect here on LinkedIn.”
Once you have connections – interact with them by perhaps commenting on their status updates.
LinkedIn will notify you of any job changes that your connections have – congratulate them, ask them about their new role. ENGAGE!!!!!!
Groups are a great part of LinkedIn and one of my top tips is to join groups relevant to your industry.
I am a member of the CIPR and social media marketing to name just 2 and I regularly join in discussions within these groups and have connected with other members and in fact have a meeting with another member in a couple of weeks to discuss a collaboration.
You can start a discussion chain – it needn’t be an in-depth analysis of your industry – I asked the question which e-newsletter provider do you prefer, a client asked me to do a quick poll…..had around 8 replies and some really useful feedback for the client
LinkedIn (like all social media) isn’t about selling. It’s about awareness and it’s about sharing. So share your knowledge, share your expertise. Try to post an update at least once a week – link back to your website or other sites that may be of interest to your connections. Make people want to look out for your updates because they are useful, insightful and helpful.
If you work with someone and enjoy how they’ve helped you – write a short recommendation  or endorse them!
Don’t be shy about asking for recommendations! No-one will mind being asked. The worse that can happen is they won’t reply! The best they’ll write a glowing paragraph about working with you!
If you are asked to recommend someone and are happy to – make the time to do it. It need only be a sentence or two but this is the life-blood of LinkedIn and if we all used it ‘properly’ it would be an even more powerful networking tool!
One tip – don’t be too ‘trigger happy’ with the endorsement button.
I’ve tried to save the most important ‘til last!
Complete your profile – get it to 100%
It is important for you to spend time building your profile.
This is going to be the first thing people see when they find you on LinkedIn so make the first impression the right impression!
Aim for:
       A well-written summary of who you are and what you do – you’ll only have around 150 words so get it right!
       A professional picture (not a blurry holiday snap) for your profile – and whatever you do don’t leave it blank or use a picture that is 10 years old!
       Fill in as many of the profile sections as possible and revisit to update when you
have taken on a new project or gained a new qualification

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