Bite-Size Digital Marketing Packages

Bitesize Marketing 

We have a number of bitesize tailor-made packages available to help business owners focus on one area at a time of their digital marketing.

Each session is priced at £99 and covers a 1-2-1 consultancy session with either or Lisa or Claire over Zoom for 1.5 hours, along with a follow-up email with a list of actions.  Each session can be done independently, so business owners can spend a one-off fee of £99 and tick one area of digital marketing off their to-do list.

Our £99 bite-size marketing sessions cover the following topics:

A full Google My Business Audit - Google My Business is brilliant for local search and is a great way to appear in Google searches without relying on your website.  This session is run with Lisa or Claire and will cover keyword research, updating your listing together and ensuring your Google My Business listing is fully optimised.

An All-Star LinkedIn Profile - With 303 million active monthly users, a good profile on LinkedIn is a must.  Professionals with an All-Star rating are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn and only 51% of members have completed profiles.  This session is run remotely by either Lisa or Claire, after an initial phonecall to obtain the correct information. At the end, you will have a fully optimised LinkedIn profile, using the right keywords to ensure you are found by potential clients. You will also have an all important All-Star status.

Social Media Q&A - Do you have a list of questions about social media? Do you need some help to get on track with what to post, how to schedule to Facebook or how to use Instagram stories? This bespoke Q&A session will be tailor-made for you and will get you motivated for your social media marketing. These sessions are run by Claire or Lisa and can cover Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.

Understanding Google Analytics - It's the perfect time to review how your website is working for your business and what areas could be improved.  This session is run with Lisa and will cover a full review of your Google Analytics, including what's working well and what needs improvement. It will also help you to understand and interpret your Google Analytics data.  We will provide a mini website health check to ensure that your pages are loading quickly. You will come away with a plan of action of which areas of your website need working on.  Please note that we recommend at least one month's of data for a proper review.

Content Planning - It's more important than ever to ensure you can be heard, that your messages is clear and that your tone is authentic. Would you like some help with ideas of what to say on your social media channels? This session will brainstorm ideas and create a content plan for you for at least the next month. We'll look at your products and services, your key offering, news and awareness days and how we can add your personality. These sessions are run by Claire or Lisa and you'll come away with a plan and inspiration for your content further down the line.

Mailchimp Setup - Now is a great time to ensure you stay in touch with your existing contacts. Mailchimp is our go-to email marketing system and this session will help you to set up an email template, load your data and create your first campaign. These sessions are run by Claire and you'll come away with email marketing tools that you can use to keep in touch with your clients.

Mini Brainstorm - Do you need some guidance and some focus with your digital marketing? Have you tried lots of marketing tools but aren't sure what really works for you? Our mini brainstorm session will look at a variety of marketing tools (to be agreed with you before the session) and discuss what is right for your business. We will also talk about your key message and your audience - what are you saying to who? These sessions are run by Claire and you'll come away with some clarity around your marketing and a variety of next steps to take.

Blogging - A blog is a great way to share your knowledge and share fresh content with your clients.  During this session we will agree the topic for your blog, research the keywords and ensure the blog is fully optimised (please note that the wording of the actual blog might need to be finished by you depending on the length of the article but you will have a set structure to follow).  We will also discuss making the most of your blog and how to share it on social media platforms. This session can be run by Lisa or Claire and you will come away with the confidence to write regular blogs on your own.

We'd love to help you keep your digital marketing on track during these difficult times - to find out more just contact us for an initial free chat.

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These 'quick fire' Zoom based group learning sessions give you the tools you'll need to get ahead with social media marketing. Offered for a limited time at a special price of just £25 per person the sessions we have available to book are:

LinkedIn Power Hour - 22 September - 10-11am

Google My Business Power Hour - 13 October - 10-11am

Instagram Power Hour - 3 November - 10-11am

To book please email

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