SEO and Google rankings

SEO and Google rankings

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation needn't be expensive or complicated.  Many of our clients ask us how to get on the first page of Google.  There is no point in having a wonderful website if nobody can find it!

At One To Three, we can help you climb the all important Google rankings and we offer simple and cost effective solutions.  Please note that our focus is very much on Organic Geographic SEO e.g. “marketing solutions Berkshire”.

Bespoke SEO training workshops

From £195

We are proud to offer a SEO workshop and happy to teach our clients the tools and techniques they need to manage their own SEO.

This is a one-to-one training session, tailor made for you and your website.  You will come away with all of the tools you need to manage your Search Engine Optimisation.  The workshop covers the following:

  • Prep before the workshop to ensure the training is tailor-made for your requirements.
  • A report highlighting problem areas and making recommendations and suggestions (to be used as an agenda at the meeting).
  • A 2 hour workshop where advice and guidance on SEO techniques and tools will be provided.
  • You will have all of the information you need to implement the changes yourself and manage your own SEO.
  • Follow up support and guidance will be available.

"A complete beginner in the world of website SEO, I was tempted to ask Lisa to just get the job done! However, I am so glad I attended the workshop  - not only was Lisa patient and explained everything so clearly but I can now  make the necessary tweaks myself and keep my website where? It is now on page one of Google for a couple of my most important search terms. A fantastic result, thanks to Lisa who gave me the confidence with her SEO workshop.” Debby Connell, The Garden Room Florist

SEO Management

From £195 per month
Many clients ask us to manage their SEO on their behalves – they simply don’t have the time to do it themselves! We offer a number of cost effective options that cover the management of a website’s SEO.   Please contact us for full details of our  SEO packages.

Please note for hosting of websites, we use and recommend nethosted.

“Lisa has done some SEO and website modifications for AB Walker & Son. She has grasped our requirement with both hands and has immediately delivered results. She is extremely good value and drives the project forward.” Julian Walker, A.B. Walker & Sons Ltd

Google Adwords

We offer basic advice on Google Adwords.  However, if you are looking for somebody to set up and run ongoing campaigns, we would put you in the very capable hands of our friends at Ad-Extra. If you answer "yes" to any of the below questions, we'd be delighted to put you in touch.

  • Do you want to turn Google into a revenue stream for your business?
  • Do you want to appear at the top in searches by prospects who are actively searching for your service?
  • Are you more interested in targeted Google Ads marketing that generates results, rather than broad marketing with no provable income?
  • Do you want to remarket your services to customers who have visited your website, but not bought from you yet?
  • Would you like to know exactly how your website and ads are performing on Google, so that you can maximise your investment?

Ad-Extra specialise in helping business owners make the most of Google through advertising. The team of experts are on hand to help you navigate the deep and treacherous waters of Google ads including running ongoing Google Adwords campaigns that bring in new business on a regular basis. On top of physically setting up and managing your Google Adwords and Google Ads campaigns for you, they also offer a variety of training workshops, designed to help you understand the mechanics of Google and how it all works. So even if you’re asking yourself ‘What is Google Adwords?’ Ad-Extra can help.



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