We are nine!!

Nine years ago this month we were out for dinner, chatting about our adventures in freelancing when an idea struck. There may have been some shrieking (!) there was definitely some excitement – we should work together!

Nine years ago!

We keep repeating that because we can’t quite believe it. Nine years ago, our children were 2, 4, 5 and 6 respectively, we didn’t have any dogs between us (now there are 3!) we did have husbands but they had far less grey hair (!) and we embarked on setting up a business, that would allow us to work around our children whilst keeping the old grey matter ticking over!

Nine years ago!

Time has flown but equally we can’t imagine doing anything else. We are eternally grateful to everyone who has supported us along the way and we really hope to be sitting here in another nine years!

We’ll be sharing a few ‘9 tips’ blogs over the month so watch this space.

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