Mailchimp and Facebook integration – a quick how to guide

Did you know that you can set an email sign up button to your Facebook page to link directly with your Mailchimp account?

It’s a great way to get new sign ups for your emailers and it’s quick and simple to set up…here’s our guide.


Log onto Mailchimp and click on your user name in the top right corner




Select Account





Select integrations and then select Facebook (it will be grey in colour if you haven’t already set this up)





Choose which FB page to link to and which list on Mailchimp. This may be a current list or you may wish to set up a new ‘social sign up’ list




When complete the email sign up form will be a link in your FB page tool bar (usually this sits under ‘more’) and will look like this:



We hope you’ve found this how-to-guide helpful!


2 thoughts on “Mailchimp and Facebook integration – a quick how to guide

  1. Reply
    Maxine Ashman - May 3, 2016

    Fantastic article Ladies – thank you. That is a great move by Mailchimp and one I think all businesses will find helpful

    1. Reply
      Lisa Vassallo - May 6, 2016

      Thanks Max! X

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