Happy Birthday to us – 11 years in business

One to Three turns 11 years old this month! Last year we celebrated our anniversary with a lovely lunch out in London and a trip to the theatre. Whilst we are really sad we can’t get together in person this year we will be celebrating with a glass of fizz on Zoom (something we’ve done throughout the pandemic to keep in touch – here we are just last Friday!)

We thought we’d have a bit of fun and share 11 facts about us that you might not know. Enjoy!

1. Lisa used to enjoy performing as a child (and dressing up!) and could be found ice-skating in shows at her local rink, performing on stage or entering disco-dancing competitions!

2. Lisa took Spanish and French A-Level and can still hold a good conversation in Spanish to this day.  She’s remained in touch with her Spanish pen-pal Miguel and used to stay with his family, taking part in Las Fallas in Valencia and even being invited to his sister’s wedding! They still exchange Christmas cards every year signed from “Your Spanish Family”.

3. Lisa’s main hobbies are running and tennis and occasionally she takes to the courts with her husband (they’ve even won a couple of trophies together).

4. Lisa is a qualified scuba diver, and holidays before the kids were always booked around diving sites.  Imagine her excitement, when her boys learned to scuba dive 2 years ago in Mexico and they were lucky enough to see a sea horse, and even follow a sea turtle along the reef!

5. Claire LOVED horse riding as a child and teen and entered many show jumping and cross country competitions on borrowed ponies, especially her favourite Jamie. Her dream is to take up riding again one day and perhaps even own her own horse.6. Claire’s first job was when she was 14 in the kitchen of a nursing home. She used to help prepare Sunday lunch and would sit with some of the most lonely residents whilst they enjoyed their meal. To this day Claire loves a good chat!

7. Claire is married to her childhood sweetheart – they began dating at the age of 17 and used to meet up at the bus stop outside school!

8. One of Claire’s dreams is to own a camper van and explore the UK  with her husband – once the kids are old enough to be left home alone this dream will become a reality!

9. Claire and Lisa first holidayed together at the tender age of 17 and 18 respectively. Two weeks in Tenerife were one big party – our kids are now nearing this age which is slightly terrifying!

10. We’ve since holidayed together a number of times – Lisa’s hen-do in Dublin, a weekend break in Edinburgh and Lisa’s 40th birthday in Barcelona.

Our most recent trip was in 2019 when we took the husbands, kids and dogs for a family break to Dorset.

11. Claire and Lisa are both dog lovers. Claire has a black lab Sookie who is 10 and a golden retriever Fergus who is 7. Lisa has a black lab called Milly who is 4 and Claire actually helped Lisa to find her when she started looking for a puppy! We adore our dogs!!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the last 11 years – especially the last 12 months which have been our most challenging! We really can’t wait to see what the next 11 years bring.

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