Google My Business logo missing, contact Google Support

Google My Business logo missing and showing as 85% or 80% complete, but logo is there

Is your Google My Business logo missing?  We’re encouraging all of our clients to check their Google My Business listings and ensure they are still 100% complete.

We’re massive fans of Google My Business and if you’ve worked with us over the years, chances are you’ll have a listing.

We’ve noticed that over the last few days, several of the listings we manage are showing as 85% or in some cases 80% complete as the Google My Business logo is missing. However, in many cases, the logo has been there for years and we’ve never had a problem.

Google My Business logo
If you have this issue YOU DON’T NEED TO CHANGE YOUR LOGO. This is an issue with Google My Business. Here’s an official update from them in February 2021:

“Unfortunately, this issue is still occurring but there is no workaround at this time. Performance of your Business Profile or visibility of your logo are not affected and it’s is purely an interface error. We plan to have a resolution by the end of year, thanks for your patience.

For more information, See what’s new in Google My Business & read through our Google My Business Help Center.”

You can go also go on a live chat with Google if you would like to flag any issues with your listing.

If the live chat facility is not an option, you can ask Google to contact you via email instead. Hope this helps some of you!

Google My Business logo

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