Facebook to remove our story tab on business pages – our guide what to do

Facebook is alerting Page owners to an update which will see the removal of the ‘Our Story’ section from your Page presentation options – taking effect at the end of February. You may have seen a notification in your Facebook account and then a message on the page like the below:

Don’t panic!

The Page Story section was added in 2017 – Facebook said it would “help brands provide more background on their business ‘why’, in order to better connect with Page visitors.”

The update means the section will be removed and “additional information” will become a secondary element – users will be able to click this tab – we think it will be in the menu under the cover photo (but watch this space).

Our advice is to copy and paste (it might be a chance to review your story too) into the additional information section asap. Just click on  ‘Settings’- ‘Page Info’ and then edit your ‘Additional Information’ field.


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