Wave goodbye to Facebook ‘grey badges’


If you run a small business and have a Facebook business page as part of your marketing and brand strategy you may have seen the message below pop up when you log into your page:


Facebook grey verified badges are going


Facebook created the grey verification tick for small businesses and brands in 2013 but as of the end of October 2019, this feature will no longer be available.

There’s a lot of talk online that this is not a good move from Facebook, it gave smaller businesses the chance to put an ‘official stamp’ on their page and appear genuine, but Facebook’s reasoning behind the removal of this feature is that most users that see this tick don’t really know what it means. We have to agree with this to be honest, the elusive blue tick which is the reserve of celebrities, politicians and national/international brands, is far more recognised as an authentic ‘badge.’

There is no indication that the ‘blue tick’ will be going anywhere.

The best way to reassure your page ‘fans’ that you’re the real deal is to post regular, authentic content. Be present yourself as a face of your brand – images and video are important here and offer useful advice and tips – don’t just sell! For more advice on how to be authentic on social media read our blog here

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