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We first wrote this post back in June 2019 and much of the advice we shared is even more relevant today as we enter the 6th week of the UK’s Covid-19 ‘lockdown.’ Social media has become a lifeline for so many people – it’s keeping us connected personally and professionally.


With this in mind we’ve updated our authenticity guide:

Being authentic is one of the main pieces of advice I give to my clients. People buy from people and the more ‘real’ you are the more you are likely to connect with people in a digital world – here are a few tips whether you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or all of the above! 

Be honest. 

Don’t try to appear to be something you are not. We are all adjusting to these extraordinary times and it’s ok to share how you are coping. 

Being approachable and honest is so important, in my opinion, always but now more than ever. 

Use video 

We are all lacking the connection that being physically with others gives us – video is definitely a good enough substitute.

Utilising video on social media is a great way to be authentic. Showing people the real you can be done so easily in front of the camera. 

It’s important to ‘just be you’ – you’re not perfect (no-one is!) so don’t try to make your videos perfect either.

If you try to make your videos perfect you’ll never post them! 

Taking the plunge with a live video is one of the best ways to really let ‘you’ shine – have something to say? Go live and say it! 

Here’s a few tips for recording videos – live or otherwise!

  • Prepare what you want to say. Don’t write a script necessarily (this will dampen the authenticity) but know what your point is so you don’t waffle!
  • Record your video / live somewhere that is quiet enough that background noise won’t be an issue and where there won’t be loads of distractions.
  • Check your appearance before you record (no sticking up hair or spinach in your teeth!!) but don’t obsess over looking perfect – this is you remember! 
  • Once your video is streaming or posted, don’t disappear. Be present to respond to comments and questions ‘in the moment.’

Keep it real! 

Keeping it real will make it you relatable. 

Are you finding working from home with your partner, kids and pets invading your space stressful?  Share it. 

Spilt coffee on your white top? Share it. 

Had a totally unproductive day & wondering if you should give up? Share it. 

All of the above will have happened to most human beings and by keeping it real and sharing the real journey you are on with your business, not the rose tinted version, will make you far more relatable. 

What interests you? 

I love my family, my dogs and walking and on occasion I’ll share some of this on my social media pages. The posts are always well received. 

I’ll always bring it back to business – for example if I’m writing content and hit a brick wall, a walk with the dogs in the woods always clears my head and gets me back on track. 

People buy people so by sharing some of your interests you are going to forge those online connections with like-minded people that might just lead to a business relationship. 

Keep going!

The Covid-19 crisis has hit many businesses hard and whilst times are tough and you might have had to pause any outsourced marketing but DON’T GIVE UP!  Keep your social media posts going, don’t disappear – even if it’s one post a week sharing your news, how you’re feeling, reaching out to others…..it’s worth it!

A regular flow of ‘you’ will help people get to know the real you. …..Social media authenticity is a great way of building your brand. 

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