How to post to Instagram

Newsflash! Not everyone knows how to post to Instagram!

We love working with all shapes and sizes of businesses and recently we’ve been helping some complete social media beginners. People can be embarrassed by a lack of knowledge, but we always reassure that no-one is born knowing everything and that we are here to support every step of the way.

In some ways, working with beginners is most satisfying because we are part of their journey from the start and to see progress makes everyone happy!

This is a short screen-grab video I made recently to help a client who is coming to an Instagram training session soon but wanted to start posting – sharing this visual, as well as a written step by step guide really helped her!

Just click the image below to watch the short ‘how to’ video. More blogs can be found by clicking here

How to post to Instagram


We often get asked the question, should I be using Instagram? The answer isn’t quite as straight forward as ‘yes or no’ as it depends on business type, audience and other factors.

Instagram is a visual driven platform – it’s all about the image, the video and the story you can tell. If you have a business that isn’t visual – for example a law firm or an accountancy, it may be a platform that you struggle with.We are great advocates of making social media as ‘easy as 1, 2, 3’ and where we see clients battling to create content, we’ll always look at whether the platform is right. Time and effort needs to see a ROI – think about this before you decide you must be on every platform.

Users in the age group 18-34 make up around 65% of Instagram’s audience – this should also be a consideration for you. Are you core customers in this age bracket?

Instagram is about being in the moment – we don’t manage any Instagram accounts for clients as we strongly believe content needs to come from within a business. It’s all about sharing what’s happening ‘right now’ and telling a story.

If you’d like any advice about Instagram just get in touch.

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