9 tips for writing a great blog

We’re continuing our ‘9 tips’ series to celebrate our birthday and today it’s all about blogging!

Blogging is a great way to add fresh content (which Google loves!) to your website and gives you a perfect platform to share your expertise and knowledge.

Here are our 9 top tips for writing a great blog:

  1. Ask yourself why?

blogging tips

Why are you writing? Is it to share knowledge, to offer advice, to share a success. Think what your goal for blogging is – more business perhaps, or brand awareness and also remind yourself who your reader is. Remember, you’re writing for them!

  1. Write an attention-grabbing headline

A great headline will ensure people keep reading – so get creative. You can either be clear about what the article is going to deliver or you can be clever and intriguing to entice people to read further.  Answering questions is often useful e.g. “How to set up an autoreply on Facebook Messenger”.  Sharing top tips often goes down well ….just like this blog (we hope)!

  1. Be clear in your first paragraph

Blogging tips

Without sounding pessimistic (!) assume that people won’t read beyond the first paragraph so make this as informative as possible. Go back to the good old ‘who, what, when, where, why, how’ formula of writing.


  1. Use sub headings

Blogging tips

Blog length is a moot point – SEO specialists often change their mind on blog length, in line with Google’s algorithms.We say it’s better to blog more often and in shorter bursts than to be put off with a word count and not blog at all. However long your blog is, use sub headings to break copy up as these make it easier for the reader and easier to write as you’ll have a structure. Bullet points work well too. Plan your blog around sections to help the writing process.

  1. Think SEO

You’ve written a great blog so you want people to find it! Considering SEO is really important. Firstly what keywords can you include in the blog? Use Google’s FREE keyword checker tool to find out what keywords are important for your site – click here to go to the planner. Also optimize your blog post in the ‘back end’ of your site, populating the meta titles, meta description, putting the keywords in your title etc.


  1. Use pictures

Wrapping eye catching images around your words will make the blog come alive – plain text is a bit boring so make your blog come alive. Pixabay is a great site that is a library of copyright free images. Remember to give your pictures alt tags to help with SEO.


  1. Consider vlogging

Blogging tipsVideo is not scary! We promise! It’s a great way to mix up your blog. You could do a piece to camera, sharing your knowledge, or you could use a tool such as Biteable to make a fun info-video. Screen recordings if you’re doing a demo are a great idea too! Video is so powerful and growing in importance in Google searches.

  1. Show your personality

A blog is a perfect place to share your personality. We try to do this regularly but blogging in a chatty style about our business journey, what we get up to and these are always really well received! People love people so share who you are! Click here and here to see two examples of our personality driven blogs (here we are pictured after completing the Muddy Dog Challenge for Battersea in 2018)!

  1. Share your blogs!

Don’t write your blog and hope people find it! Share it on your social media platforms and ask for people to comment, ask questions and be proud of your blog!

We’ve always said content is king and engagement is queen.  Ensure you allow people to comment on your blog and when they do make sure you respond!

We hope you’ve found these top tips useful! If you’ve had any great success stories with your blogs we’d love to hear about them in the comments below?


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