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We’re often asked by our clients what do we think about Google Adwords. We think they are brilliant if you are trying to reach a wider audience and want to get ahead of your competition on Google. Organic SEO (the natural listings that we like to work on with our clients) and Google Ads should work together and complement each other to drive more traffic to the right pages of your website.

We are therefore delighted to announce that we have teamed up with Dominic Renshaw and the team at Ad-Extra, who are now working as our preferred partner for all things Google Ads!

Google Ads Expert Reading BerkshireWe were trained on Google Ads by Dominic, so we have a good basic understanding and we were really impressed with Dominic’s knowledge and experience.

We have seen first hand the results that can be achieved through Google Ads managed by Dominic’s team, so we’re excited to be working together.


If you answer “yes” to any of the below questions, a Google Ads’ campaign could be for you.

  • Do you want to turn Google into a revenue stream for your business?
  • Do you want to appear at the top in searches by prospects who are actively searching for your service?
  • Are you more interested in targeted Google Ads marketing that generates results, rather than broad marketing with no provable income?
  • Do you want to remarket your services to customers who have visited your website, but not bought from you yet?
  • Would you like to know exactly how your website and ads are performing on Google, so that you can maximise your investment?

If you are looking for somebody to set up and run ongoing Google Ads’ campaigns, we would be you in the very capable hands of our friends at Ad-Extra.  Interested to find out more? We’d love to put you in touch!

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