We Are 10!!!

February is an important month for us….we are celebrating 10 years in business! As well as a trip into London with our long suffering (or some might say very lucky) husbands to celebrate, we will be reflecting on the last decade with a few blogs and social media fun throughout February, as well as some little treats and gifts for our networking colleagues and clients.

Ten years is a long time – UK statistics say that only 50% of small businesses survive beyond 5 years in business so we think we’re doing pretty well to still be here. Not just still here but growing and thriving!

We’ve worked with such a massive variety of businesses since 2010 – all manner of industries and a really varied mix in terms of size. One-man bands to nationwide multi-million-pound companies, sometimes we feel we’ve seen it all.

When we set up One to Three our main objective was to build a business around our children (we have four boys between us.) We wanted to ensure we were present for them, but at the same time both had a real love for marketing and wanted to use our previous ‘corporate’ career experience. In 2010 our boys were 6,5,4 and 2 – the maths is pretty easy…they’re now all at secondary school and the eldest will be sitting his GCSE’s later this year! Where has the time gone?

Our celebrations have got us thinking about 2010 and what was hitting the headlines…here’s what our research has found. We hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane.

  • In April 2010 the first iPad was launched (Claire bought her husband this 1st generation iPad…it was really heavy!)
  • Lady Gaga wore the ‘meat Dress’ to the VMAs. Imagine that in 2020 – it simply wouldn’t happen!
  • Facebook had 600 million users (it’s 2.37 billion today) and a film based on it’s creation “The Social Network” premiered in 2010
  • 2010 was a big year for social media – both Instagram and Pinterest were launched
  • The Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest building officially opened (Claire was lucky enough to go to the very top in 2014)
  • The Icelandic Volcano Eyjafjallajökull erupted causing chaos in Europe’s air space.
  • David Cameron became Prime Minister (we all know how that turned out!)
  • Chelsea won the FA Cup.
  • One Direction was formed as part of the X Factor (were they the same age as our kids?!)
  • 33 Chilean miners survive after 69 days underground – they made headlines around the world
  • Prince William and Catherine Middleton announced their engagement
  • Jacob and Isabella were the most popular baby names (a nod to Twilight…..were you a fan?)

If you’re anything like us you’ll remember many of these events like they were yesterday – but they were a decade ago!

We can remember our first meeting where we discussed names and how our business might work. Ever since that first meeting we can honestly say that, for the most part, work doesn’t feel like work. We have fun, we have an amazing client base, many of whom we now consider friends and we have a brilliant support team who we would be lost without.

The last decade has been amazing and we genuinely hope we are still here in 2030, delivering cost effective marketing solutions to businesses like yours. 



2 thoughts on “We Are 10!!!

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    Karen Rapley - February 5, 2020

    Ah …. lovely memories for sure. Thank you for sharing …. have taken a couple of minutes to reflect on what the last 10 years has meant to me and my ickle family.

    Congratulations on your first 10 years and continuing success.

    Well done, lovely ladies.

    1. Reply
      Claire Fryer - February 5, 2020

      Thank you Karen x

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