Our Top Ten Free Tools for Digital Marketing

To celebrate our 10th anniversary of being in business, we’d like to share our top 10 free tools which we couldn’t live without when it comes to digital marketing.

  1. Google My Business – Every business owner should have a Google My Business listing. It’s free and appears at the top of the page for local search which is amazing for your Google rankings. Google My Business functionality continues to grow on a regular basis. Read our blog about making the most of this great free tool.
  2. Google’s Keyword Planner tool – Anybody who works with us knows the importance we place on keywords.  We encourage all of our clients to consider which keyword phrases they want to be found for and then RESEARCH them. Keyword phrases are not just for your website! They should be used on your LinkedIn profile, your blogs and your social media posts.
  3. Google Analytics – It’s the first thing we do when we start working with anybody; ensure they have Google Analytics on their website.  It’s our favourite tracking tool and this is a must-have for every website owner. Again it is free and only takes a couple of minutes to install on your site. You can make all kinds of decisions from Google Analytics and review what’s working well and what needs changing.
  4. Google Alerts – Struggling for things to say on social media?  You can search for any topic on Google Alerts and you will find everything in today’s press on that subject!  You can even set up daily and weekly alerts around your keywords to ensure you don’t miss any latest news.
  5. Pixabay – We’re always telling our clients about the importance of good imagery.  You should always use an image or video on any social media posts. Please be careful of copyright on images (you can’t just use any image from Google as you might get fined).  Pixabay has a whole bank of images and videos which are royalty free.  Simply visit the site and type your keyword or theme into the search bar.  Our tip is to scroll down and go past the first page, so you don’t end up using the same images as everybody else.
  6. Canva – You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create your own bank of images.  Canva is really simple to use and creates images in the right size and format e.g. Facebook covers, LinkedIn banners and Instagram posts. You can use your own images and add wording, contact details and even photos.
  7. StorySwag – There are various apps to create moving images and videos but we love Wordswag. So simple to use and you can create videos and tell stories quickly and easily, again adding words over your images and they even have a bank of quotes and jokes you can tap into.
  8. Hootsuite – We’ve tried various social media management tools but Hootsuite has always been a firm favourite.  It’s easy to set up and you can manage all of your social media platforms from one place. Please note that the free version allows up to 3 social media platforms with the scheduling of 30 posts at any one time, but for most small businesses this is sufficient.
  9. Mailchimp – If you are sending any form of email communication to a group of people we always recommend using an email campaign tool so that you can measure open rates, see who clicked through and follow up accordingly.  Our favourite email tool is Mailchimp. You can set up your own templates to use time and time again.
  10. CollageMaker – Finally if you are looking for a way to display multiple images in one frame, we suggest CollageMaker.  There are a wide number of layouts and designs and you simply upload your photos.  You can add texts, frames and even emojis to really make your imagery stand out.

There are lots more free tools available to help with your digital marketing, but these are the ones that stand out for us and the ones we use on a weekly basis.  Have you got any free tools that you’d add to to the list? We’d love to hear from you!

Free Tools For Digital Marketing

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