Google My Business – Change in Service Areas

Google My Business is constantly changing and evolving and we’d like to update you with the latest changes.  If you’ve had multiple listings in the past, you can now manage these under one account as you can now select different areas where your business works.  This can be found under the info tab on the left hand side and then select “add service area”.   You can now add multiple areas by postcode or city.  The old “service area” where you could enter a radius is no longer available.  If you’ve already updated the service area field in the past and entered that you work with clients within a certain mile radius, you can keep this, but you can no longer edit it.

This is great for businesses that have one central address but work in lots of different areas such as a yoga teacher.  However, if you have multiple locations such as several beauty salons, we would still recommend keeping these separate listings, as you can add events to each listing and your customers can leave reviews for the relevant listing. Yes, it means you are still updating multiple listings, but you can post information relevant to each separate location.  Of course, the choice is entirely up to you, so if you’d prefer to have one listing and list your various locations, that is now an option in Google My Business.

You can also add a start date to your business listing.  This is great for new companies that are about to launch, as you can add a start date to let people know when the business will be open. While you are in the info tab, please ensure you’ve updated your business description and remember to include your keywords here.

However you decide to use these changes in Google My Business, the most important thing is that you have a listing and that you update it, encourage client reviews and ensure that the listing is completed as much as possible. Remember to take a look at your Insights too as you can now see which keywords people are using to find your business.  We love to analyse this data!  We’ve always encouraged all of our clients to have a Google My Business listing as it’s free and it’s BRILLIANT for appearing in local searches. If you have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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