BIG NEWS – Facebook pages can now join some Facebook groups!!!

We’ve been keeping an eye out waiting for this change as we had a feeling it was coming……HURRAH!!

Within Facebook Group settings, a new option has popped up for group owners that enables them to “allow Pages to request to join as group members.” Previously, only personal profiles could join Facebook Groups and post and comment within them.

We think this is great news for businesses as you can now interact as your page and not ‘you’ which means your brand recognition will be strengthened and you can keep your personal profiles even more separate from your business, if you wish.

You’ll know if a group has ‘ticked’ this box because you will see an icon in the bottom right asking you if you want to interact as you or your page. Just click on it to change the option.


See the picture below for how this looks.


Facebook groups










Remember it is down to the group to change the setting so if you really want to interact with a group, as a page, why not let them know. If you’re an admin of a group you’ll find the option in the group settings.



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