Checking in!

What a whirlwind the last few months have been! We’ve been a bit quiet on our blog so thought we’d just jump on to say hi and let you know what we’ve been up to.


Like many businesses we’ve become best mates with Zoom! Thanks to this awesome tech we’ve been able to keep in touch with our clients and have delivered consultancy sessions, 1-2-1 training and group workshops from the comfort of our home offices (or kitchen table when husband or kids gets dibs on the office!) Just today we ran a Google My Business Zoom workshop which was great and next week we have a group Facebook workshop in the diary.

We’ve decided to stay virtual for the remainder of 2020 and rethink in early 2021 – the safety of our clients, us and our families is paramount, we know you’ll agree, and because running everything online works so well we feel there’s no need to change things.

In fact Zooming has given us a chance to work with new clients we may not have done in ‘normal life.’  Clients who are based further afield such as TAOES in London and Scotland, more members of the EWM team (Southampton & Bournemouth) and even an International training session on LinkedIn for BioPharmaSpec would not have been on our radar if it weren’t for virtual working. Just this week we found ourselves on a 1-2-1 call with a coaching company in Singapore!

We do like to try and see the silver lining!

Meeting up

Those who know us well will recall our ‘board walks’ where we meet up with our dogs and walk in beautiful woodland and discuss our business. We couldn’t do these for a while but as soon as restrictions were lifted we met for a socially distanced walk – the first one was very wet, the second a gorgeously hot day! We felt lucky to be able to see each other, even if we couldn’t have a hug!

We’ve also taken part in the obligatory Zoom quiz nights and even did a family virtual escape room, virtual Ascot races and learned the Lindy Hop together on VE Day!

Staying Positive

It’s not been the easiest time but we do try really hard to stay positive and the support and kindness from our clients and colleagues has been truly wonderful. We are so grateful to work with such an awesome bunch and this is a chance to say thank you!

Like so many businesses, some of our clients have been negatively impacted over the last 6 months. We work across the hospitality sector, the beauty sector and other industries that simply haven’t been able to work during periods of lockdown.  Our hearts go out to everybody who has been impacted and we’ve tried our best to remain helpful and be there for our clients as much as possible.

We’ve also kept in touch with our amazing support team.  We usually meet the team for a summer lunch by the river, but this year we had lunch online from our very sunny gardens!  We’ve been determined to keep as sociable as possible despite the limitations!

What’s next?

As we move into Autumn we will continue to work hard for our clients, take each day at a time and continue to share a bit of fun on our social media channels when we can!

We’re really hoping the Panto (this will be our 10th year going together with our families) happens at Christmas (oh yes we are!) but if not, you’ve guessed it, we’ll do something virtually!

How have you been getting on over the last few months? We’d love to know!

Claire & Lisa



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