Facebook New Look Business Page 2020

Classic Facebook Vs New-Look Facebook for Business Pages

Facebook has gradually been rolling out a new look and this blog looks at some of these changes, along with sharing some hints and tips to help you get to grips with the new look Facebook. In our latest group Facebook workshop, we likened this to your favourite supermarket changing all of the aisles around – you know everything is still there but you might have to hunt a little to find it!

Whilst many of us had the option to revert back to “Classic Facebook” it looks like we are all being forced to move to this new version. Although Facebook has said that Classic Facebook would no longer be an option from September 2020, we still have a few clients on the old version (and we can still currently switch back to Classic Facebook ourselves). However, it’s only a matter of time before we will all need to use the new version so what do you need to know? (Please note the images are taken from a desktop, so things may look slightly different on a mobile version).

Facebook Business Page, Manage Page option

Updating your business page

You can access most things on your business page from the menu down the left hand side including Insights, Publishing Tools, Edit Page Info and Settings.

Facebook Business Page Menu

We recommend you click on each section and ensure you are happy with the set up of your Facebook business page.

Go through each section of the “Edit Page Info” to ensure everything is up-to-date including your contact details and your about section.

Also click on your settings to check who can post to your page, how messages and auto responses are set up along with tagging options etc.

Top Tip: Ensure you have more than one page admin under page roles (just in case something happens to your own Facebook personal account, this ensures you still have access to your Facebook business page).

New Format of business pages

The header of your Facebook page will have changed, so it’s even more important to ensure you are using the correct template for your Facebook business page, along with the correct headings / tabs. This can all be managed under settings and “templates and tabs”. For our page, we use the services template. Our reviews and services are important to us, so we have this information showing first.

We also recommend adding a call to action button e.g. “Contact Us”.

One To Three Marketing Facebook Business Page Cover

Top Tip: From your business page click on the button “View as visitor” so you can see how your page looks to others.


The best advice we can give you is to use Facebook’s Publishing tools, as this will give you access to more functionality (including Facebook polls). If you try and post directly from your business page, the functionality is limited (and doesn’t always work). We find it easier to use Facebook’s publishing tools when posting.

Facebook Business Page posting options

Top Tip: Mix up the type of posts you are sharing, including polls, Watch Parties, slideshows or photo albums.

Creator Studio

You can also use Facebook’s Creator Studio to create your posts (and even live videos). We find the Creator Studio is the best place to go if you are scheduling content ahead of time as you can easily see what you have scheduled from here. If, like us, you manage multiple Facebook pages you can also see everything at a glance from the Creator Studio. To access the Creator Studio, select Publishing Tools and then you will have the option to try the Creator Studio.

Creator Studio Facebook Business Page

Top Tip: If you want to view certain pages at a time, you can create “collections” so you can easily look at multiple pages in one go.

The best advice we can give you is play around with the new format and you will soon get to grips with it. We’ve already got used to the new format and find it easier to access everything now. If you get stuck or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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