8 things we’ve learned after 8 years in business!

We are celebrating our 8th anniversary this month! We say this every year but we really don’t know where the time has gone – we guess the saying is true, ‘time flies when you’re having fun.’

It wasn’t long ago, in our end of the year review that we thanked everyone for their support so we won’t repeat ourselves other than to say THANK YOU to everyone who’s worked with us, for us and supported us over the years; we couldn’t have done it without you.

We always celebrate our anniversary with our husbands and this year we enjoyed the Escape Rooms in Reading. What a brilliant fun hour – it’s all about team work, problem solving and being methodical! We won’t give away too much in case you want to give it a try but suffice to say the Vampire Slaying escape had a few jump and scream moments. We were so pleased to succeed (apparently only around 30% of participants do!) and toasted our success over dinner afterwards!

One to Three Marketing

We’ve thought about what to write to mark our 8th year in business and decided ‘8 things we’ve learned along the way’ would be fun. So….here goes!!

All the gear and no idea – never again!

The memory of our first ever prospective client meeting makes us chuckle! We arrived in Windsor, heels and lippy on, PowerPoint presentation at the ready on a HUGE lap top (we weren’t quite earning enough for swish Macbooks then!), business cards, handouts – you name it. Thinking back to this meeting we’ve said to each other we can’t even really remember what the prospect was after! We bombarded him with our scripted PowerPoint,  told him everything we’d ever done in the field of marketing and came away with ….well….nothing!

No experience is wasted though and never again did we turn up to a meeting with ‘all the gear and no idea.’ We now pride ourselves on being ‘just us’ and for taking the time to ask the right questions of a prospective client and prepare, prepare, prepare!

A silent high five walking back to the car park

We’ve done this a few times over the years but one of the first was when we bagged a big contract with one of our now biggest clients. “Little old us” had survived this company merging to become a big deal! We had a new team to report into and the feedback from our previous contacts and us ‘walking the talk’ at our introduction meeting sealed the deal. This was one of the moments when we shrugged off any nagging doubt about running our own show – we’d done it! I’ll always remember that high-five.

Just say no!

Those of you of a certain age will be singing this tune from “Grange Hill.” Well, it took us a good few years to ‘just say no’ but a massive lesson learnt is that it’s ok to not take work on. Sometimes the timing isn’t right, the project is too big or too small, the area of expertise doesn’t quite fit or there might be a client clash. No isn’t a bad word. Infact it’s a great word because used in the right place at the right time saying no is extremely empowering.

Look where you’re walking (this is a silly one!)

I just had to include this as it still has me giggling every time I think about it. Lisa had been invited to run a SEO workshop for the new team of an old client of ours and as she arrived in Marlow she was so pleased to see Tim after a couple of years that her well-rehearsed professional hug turned into more of a ‘swoon’ as she artfully stumbled down the steps that she hadn’t seen! Thank goodness Tim knows Lisa well and caught her before she totally fell over!!

The SEO session went off without a hitch of course but I’ll always remember Lisa phoning me on her way home, hooting with laughter!

Pushing out of your comfort zone is a good thing

When we look back at how far we’ve come since 2010 we’ve got reason to pat ourselves on the back and one of the most successful journeys we’ve been on is to become sought after social media and SEO trainers.

We put the work in, of course, but we’ve developed ourselves into professional trainers who regular run group and 1-2-1 workshops with businesses in and around Bucks and Berks. Lisa ran a UK wide webinar last year which was a huge step forward in our offering and we’ve really thrived on the positive feedback.

We still get that flutter of nerves and adrenaline before we run a course but that’s a good thing and we will continue to learn ourselves so our training becomes better and better.


Joining a networking group is the single best decision we made for our business. It’s brought countless clients our way, amazing contacts who we now outsource to, training, support and friendship.

When we began networking back in 2010 we joined WIBN in Maidenhead and we joined together! It took us back to our A-level English class where we’d sit together, petrified that Mrs Jones would ask us a question about Chaucer! Lisa even had a mood ring that turned black during that lesson!

It wasn’t long before we were brave enough to network separately, spreading our net. After all there were no scary Mrs Jones’ at WIBN, only lovely friendly ladies – many of whom we still network with today.

Flexible working wins!

The whole point of setting up One to Three Marketing was so that we could work flexibly around our families and without a doubt we’ve achieved that. We love that we are able to do the school drop offs, watch sports fixtures and plays and still get to do the job we love. Some days we might not be at our desks much at all, but the world doesn’t stop spinning and we can work that evening.

We now have extra virtual members of our team who do regular work for us and two of them,  Maxine and Millie both have young families and as long as the work gets done we don’t mind if they work at 2 in the afternoon or 2 in the morning! We are huge advocates for flexible working and hope to see more businesses embrace it in the future.

Proving that mixing business and friendship can and does work

There were a few cynics when we joined forces in 2010. Would our friendship crash and burn? Was business worth testing our friendship? Well, to those cynics….look at us now!! We’re not saying it would work for everyone but we are lucky to share a very similar outlook on business and life and it’s fair to say never in these 8 years have we shared a cross word. We totally have each other’s backs, are 100% honest with each other and wouldn’t want to be in partnership with anyone else.

Of course we’ve learned loads more over the years but these things really stand out to us – here’s to the next 8 years!!!


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