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One of our clients, Pennie Withers, is a professional photographer and we’re looking forward to working with Pennie next month to get our own headshots done.

Pennie enjoyed a successful career in marketing working with brands such as Disney, Coca-Cola & others, and now works with her clients to produce professional images to help market their businesses. Her style of photography embraces natural light to capture personalities and help bring organisations to life visually. Her work is mostly used for website photos, social media content and headshots.  Here Pennie shares her top 5 tips when looking for a LinkedIn profile photographer…

So – you already know WHY you should have a professional Linkedin profile photo. But now, you’re looking for a Linkedin profile photographer. Here are my five top tips to help you get the most out of your headshot session.

Meet Rick……he was looking for a new LinkedIn profile photo but definitely didn’t want a standard headshot on a white or black background. Rick wanted some tips on how to get the most of our photo session and I’d like to share these thoughts with you….

1. Before you get started

  • It’s worth spending a bit of time doing some ‘homework’ – on LinkedIn. Look up people who are in the same profession as you. What are their headshots like? Copy and paste some you really   like   onto a word document. Also copy and paste some you don’t  like onto a word document. Share this with your photographer before the shoot. This is by far the best way to get across what kind of professional headshots that you like/dislike.
  • Consider what impression you are trying to give through your headshot. As an example, Rick wanted some shots that were informal, friendly and approachable but he also needed some more formal shots. Click   here   to see some of the variations we took.
  • Decide on your location – do you want indoor or outdoor shots? I always like to capture my clients in their working environment and it’s important to decide the backdrop to your photos before you start.

2. What to ask your LinkedIn profile photographer:

  • Always discuss with your photographer beforehand what kind of ‘look’ you are wanting. This will usually depend on both your profession and also where the photo will be being used (consider more formal shots for LinkedIn vs. more relaxed photos for Facebook/Twitter).
  • Tell your photographer where and how the photo will be used – this will have an impact on both the location (if appropriate) and your clothing.
  • Ensure your photographer will provide all of the images in the correct sizes for different platforms e.g. each social media platforms have different requirements to say, websites.

3. What should I wear for my professional headshots?

  • Discuss with your photographer what you should wear. My advice is usually to wear what you would usually wear to meet a client. Definitely not jeans and a t-shirt for example, if you usually turn up in a suit or vice versa.
  • Avoid busy patterns and large lines/stripes.
  • Blue/green/turquoise shirts/blouses or accents can help emphasize blue/green/hazel eyes
  • For men…..bring a few different jackets, shirt colours and ties so we have choices for the photo
  • For women, consider bringing different necklines/coloured tops/scarves to accessorise. Also for women, consider that sleeveless tops/dresses can draw attention to your shoulders/arms. And jewellery should be kept to a minimum (unless it is relevant to your business). The photo is of your face, not your accessories!

4. Anything else?

  • Should I smile? Absolutely, yes! A lack of smile can imply lack of interest/engagement. A friendly smile can reassure people you are the right person to do business with and will show interest, confidence and approachability.
  • Please note that you shouldn’t use your company logo as your profile picture. People want to connect with you as an individual, so avoid displaying your company’s logo — unless it’s your company’s page.

5. What next?

  • Click here  for some examples of headshots I have taken for various clients:
  • If you would like to discuss your professional headshot, click here  to get in touch.
  • If you have any further questions about choosing a LinkedIn profile photographer, I’d be delighted to help.
Headshot photography Slough

Pennie is running her next headshot day on Friday 9th February in Maidenhead and we’re excited to be taking part!

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