STOCK UP ON STAMPS……..or consider other methods of communication!

A first class stamp will cost 60p as of the 30 April 2012 and its second-class pal will rise to 50p!
If like one of our clients, you have up to now preferred to communicate with your clients by post (direct mail is still big business in some sectors) perhaps now is the time to consider new ways of spreading your message.
E-newsletters are becoming more and more popular as even the most basic web based email systems have become more sophisticated and design-led content can be viewed easily.
They can be set up quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Systems such as Mail Chimp even allow you to track who is opening your newsletter, who is linking back to your website – who doesn’t like statistics!!
Social media – Facebook for business, Twitter and LinkedIn are all fantastic platforms to tell potential clients all about you and what you can do for them. We have worked with a number of businesses lately who had been a bit scared of dipping their toe into the sea of social media but once its benefits were explained and tools like Hootsuite introduced, which is a great time saving device, there’s been no stopping them!
Getting your website spot on is also important – if you are running an event, for example, you could have all of the information neatly stored on your website – simply email your targets and ask them to take a look online. Anyone who isn’t able to do this can still be offered the chance to receive a copy of the information in the post but you are bound to save costs by giving email a try.

The team at One to Three won’t abandon good old snail mail altogether – we still get excited receiving a nice card in the post! – but we will continue to embrace all of the other ways of communicating that have been so successful for our business and for so many of our clients. And we may well stock up on our 1stand 2nd class friends (as long as the price isn’t printed on the stamp they will still be valid!)

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