Bite size chunks…..

… how we recommend our clients approach their marketing. We work with a huge variety of industries, from funeral directors to vets, stylists to HR consultants and the size of companies is just as varied too. Our biggest client is a global pharmaceutical company our smallest are sole traders working from their home office. The industry or size of a company makes little difference to our initial advice however – bite size chunks is the way to go.

Marketing is one big puzzle made up of many small pieces – websites and SEO, social media, PR, brochures, events, your brand…… business could (or should) tackle all of these at once.

For starters a strategy should be set out that includes clear objectives, messages and targets. Who in your team will be responsible for delivering results and do you have a budget in place to outsource some of the more specialist areas?

One of our most popular services is social media marketing – our two hour workshop provides all of the basics of what to say, how to say it, how to build a social media strategy. This is a classic example of one of our “bite size chunks”. Our clients go away understanding more than they did when they first sat down with us but we are careful never to overwhelm.  You can find out more in our Social media case study

Our PR offering is the same – one of our bigger clients has two very separate audiences to connect with. Professional and consumer. We set out clear objectives for both, decide on a quarterly basis where the focus needs to be and map out a strategy that fits both in terms of being on message but also within budget and capabilities of the team.

So, think “canapes” rather than “all you can eat buffet” and you might even have room for dessert!


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