Have you spotted Instagram’s new “Poll” option in stories?

Instagram has recently added the option to set a ‘poll’ in your stories.

This is a great way to encourage interaction from your followers. Here’s a step by step guide of how to set a poll up.

Create a Story Post

Take your photo or create your text and background post for your story. Add any filters, text etc to your story, but leave room to add the poll to your post.

To create a poll, tap on the Sticker icon (the square with the face) at the top of the Story screen and select the Poll sticker option. The option to add your question and a Yes/No poll box will appear. Type in the question you want to ask in the text field.

To customize the poll responses, tap in each box (yes or no) and type in the choices that fit your question. You can provide any text option up to 26 characters for each option in the poll, but you’re limited to two options and we’d recommend keeping it fairly simple.

When you’ve finished customizing your poll, tap on the checkmark or Done button in the top-right corner of the screen.

Make it look good!

The poll sticker will centre on the screen of your story but you can drag it around so it is in prime position and “pinch” it to make it bigger or smaller.

Complete your story post and add it to your stories as you would any other post.

That’s it!

Get your results

You can see a log of your poll results  by opening up your stories and tapping on the viewers listed at the bottom of the story post, or swipe up to open up the post analytics.

Then tap on the eye icon for the post to see the details for each person who viewed your post, as well as who voted for which option in the poll.

The poll results are only available while the story is live so when the story disappears after 24 hours, the analytics won’t appear in your other account analytics.

We recommend you set reminders to log in and grab your poll results before the story expires.

Get creative

So get creative with your questions, think about what insight into your customers will really help your business and have fun!!



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