Why you MUST use video in your social media marketing

Usually we aren’t ones for being bossy (a-hem…..some might disagree!) but I’m very happy to put my neck on the line and say if you’re not using video as part of your social media content YOU SHOULD BE!!!

Social media is becoming less and less about the words on the page and more and more about the imagery and video used. Social media platforms are encouraging video at every turn – Instagram stories, Twitter and Facebook Live …it’s all aimed at us sharing more and more moving pictures!

We wanted to share some good reasons why we think (know) this and some tips on how to create your own video too.

Why use video?

  1. Video builds trust! Social media is all about building a relationship with your customers and all good relationships are built on….you’ve got it….trust! Just look at how YouTubers have sky-rocketed in the last 12 months, millions of people subscribe to channels that share content via video.
  2. Google loves Video! Stats show that You’re 53 times more likely to get your website on the first page of Google if you have a video embedded on your website. Don’t forget that Google owns YouTube, so there has been a significant increase in how video affects search engine rankings.
  3. The world is going (or should we say has gone) mobile! YouTube reports mobile video consumption rises 100% every year
  4. If you’ve got a complex product or service a short video can demystify this far quicker than the written work or a diagram! Think animation and beautiful imagery with some keywords – a voiceover isn’t always necessary – get creative.
  5. Video is easy to digest – assume your customer is lazy or busy or both! A short video requires no effort on their part.
  6. People share things that make them ‘feel’ so if you want your video to go viral focus on the emotion of the piece rather than the facts

 YouTube – a must have!

If you do one thing today, set up a YouTube channel – it’s a free Google tool and one you should be utilizing.

Name your page well (with your brand) add logos and a description that is in line with the rest of your marketing online.

Don’t forget to optimize your Videos on YouTube – write interesting titles and descriptions with your keywords in mind. Add a link back to your website, products and services to make it easy for visitors to your YouTube channel to find out more about you on your website.

Creating video

You don’t need to hire a fully fledged film crew to create your video.

The fantastic app iMovie allows anyone to create engaging videos in a few minutes with minimal knowledge! No more excuses for not making videos! A 1 minute clip of images with a voiceover can take about the same time to create – and it looks really professional.

The best way to learn is to play around with apps like iMovie. You’ll find your own favourites! Ripl and Facebook’s inbuilt slide-show app are my other faves as well as Boomerang – great for moving images of a few seconds.

We hope we’ve inspired you to give video a try!



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