How to set up an auto reply on Facebook Messenger

In a digital world where we all seem to be more available and some consumers expect a 24 hour service, it’s important to remember that  we can’t all be on social media all of the time.  Perhaps we are in meetings, dealing with clients or actually taking some time off.  So if somebody sends a private message to your Facebook business page, how can you let them know that although you’re not available at the moment, their message is important to you and you will get back to them as soon as you can?  The answer is to set up an Instant Reply on Facebook Messenger!


Here’s how:
Instant Replies are messages sent automatically as your Page’s first response to new messages. For example, you can use your Instant Reply message to let customers know that you’ll get back to them soon or to thank them for contacting your Page.
To turn on Instant Replies for your Page:
  1. Click Settings at the top of your Page
  2. Click Messaging in the left column
  3. Below Send Instant Replies to anyone who messages your Page, click to select Yes
  4. To change your instant reply message, click Change, update the message and click Save
Note: Instant Replies aren’t sent when your Page’s messaging status is set to Away and aren’t included in your Page’s response rate or response time.
It’s a good idea to set an expectation of when you’ll be in touch e.g. “Thank you for your message, a member of our team will be in touch within 24 hours. Please note this inbox is not manned continuously after 6pm or at weekends.”


Who knows how important that message could be? – It might be a potential new client, it might be an urgent question.  By setting the expectation of when you’ll be in touch, you are providing a professional and informative response.  It’s OK to have the night off Facebook –  Your Instant Reply has it covered and you can deal with the message at a time to suit you!

20 thoughts on “How to set up an auto reply on Facebook Messenger

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    HebaWagdy - December 15, 2020

    Hey, I would like to know if it is possible to sent up an automated conversation. Like I tried to set up ready questions, but when someone clicks on it they don’t get a reply back even though I set up the replies.

    I am trying to make the customer click on a choice, and get an automated response about it. can you help with that?

    1. Reply
      Lisa Vassallo - December 16, 2020

      Yes, that can be done. You need to ensure you switch on “Questions for potential customers” and then you save the questions and answers under there. Please note that Facebook seems a bit glitchy at the moment, so perhaps try a different browser or try again in a few days. Hope that helps.

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    Mish - December 4, 2020

    Hello! I have trouble with setting up our page’s automated responses. Whenever I try to edit the FAQs part (like change the question or add a button), and hit “Save”, Facebook prompts me with “Please try saving your message again” and the FAQ button gets toggled off. Heeelp

    1. Reply
      Lisa Vassallo - December 15, 2020

      Hi, Everything can be managed under Settings and Messages. If you scroll to the bottom of the messages section, select “set up automated responses” and manage it from there. Hope that helps?

  3. Reply
    Lorenz - September 4, 2020

    How can you add options on the automated reply? For example, there are 3 available answers to the question. And chosing one of the options will lead to another set of questions and answers.

    1. Reply
      Lisa Vassallo - December 15, 2020

      I think you are referring to the instant questions? You can change the wording on the automated reply, under settings and messages. Scroll down to the bottom and select “set up automated responses”. Hope that helps!

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    dania - July 1, 2020

    thanks alot for the great advice ….but can u please tell us how could we make an auto replay on facebook comments and then take the client to messenger to show him an info like the price of a product or sth ?

    1. Reply
      Lisa Vassallo - July 1, 2020

      It’s currently not possible to add an autoreply to Facebook comments, sorry.

  5. Reply
    Tom - May 27, 2020

    Hello, I have been able to set it up with messenger but I’m unable to set it up with instagram. On my business page it allows me to tick Instagram on instant reply but it doesn’t work. Could someone help me?

    1. Reply
      Lisa Vassallo - July 2, 2020

      Thanks for your query – here’s a link that discusse the complexities of Insta quick replies:

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    Shambhu Dayal - April 14, 2020

    Thanks for sharing this post I Read it and get something from here

  7. Reply
    car - April 8, 2020

    Awesome post! Keep up the great work!

  8. Reply
    maria houeiss - April 1, 2020

    hello i didn’t find the messaging setting.
    can you help me please

    1. Reply
      Lisa Vassallo - April 1, 2020

      Hi Maria, Thank you for getting in touch. We made a more up-to-date version on YouTube which is still relevant. Hope this helps you:

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    vdzvdzv xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - May 26, 2019

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    […] can also set up automatic responses on Messenger, which means that visitors will always get an immediate response when they message your page. […]

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    Pushpendra Singh - February 14, 2018

    Great…!! that’s great advice good work, I read and also saw your every post, nice artical very usefull your post Thank you so much for sharing this and the information provide.

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    marites - December 21, 2017

    How to make continous auto reply in messenger?

    1. Reply
      William Caleb Rodgers - January 8, 2020

      Just use ManyChat.

  13. Reply
    Roman - September 10, 2017

    If you are looking for an Auto Responder for your Personal Facebook Messages, I have developed an open-source app just for that. Visit to download it. Or check out the source code on GitHub: romankisil/

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