If you’ve been asked to verify your Google Adwords account – don’t panic!

If you run Google Adwords for your business, you may have received an email recently saying that you’ve been selected to complete identity verification for your account and that you must start this verification by April 10, 2021.

We have received this email on behalf of some of the clients we work with and wanted to reassure you it’s nothing to panic about!

If you do receive this email, click on the get started button which will take you through to your AdWords account dashboard.

Within the dashboard there is a very clear guide from Google telling you what documentation it will accept and exactly where to load this into the system. Documents include:

Certificate of incorporation

  • VAT registration certificate
  • Certificate of registration of charity
  • DUNS certificate

You may also need to load ID for a nominated representative of the business – a driving licence or passport are accepted.

If any documentation isn’t accepted or if there are any discrepancies (names and addresses must match exactly) you will get an email from Google and you will have another attempt.

Once you are fully verified you will be notified by email. 

We found the process straightforward and it took no longer than 10 minutes once we had gathered the necessary documents.

We just wanted to share this short note to tell you not to panic if you should get this email! Just follow the instructions Google has given.

We have always found Google’s help-desk to be particularly helpful,  so if you do get stuck just contact Google directly using the help button within your account. 

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