Get Ready for Facebook changes in the New Year!

Do you own a Facebook Business page? Changes are coming! From January 2015, Facebook will penalise promotional posts.

If you use Facebook to post about your products or promotions, be warned that you will see your organic post reach drop in the New Year.

Facebook defines any of the following as being promotional:
1. Posts that solely push people to buy a product or install an app.
2. Posts that push people to enter promotions and sweepstakes with no real context.
3. Posts that reuse the exact same content from ads.

This is purely for organic posts and will not impact boosted posts or Facebook Ads, although there are a number of changes coming here too, as people have more control over what is displayed in their News Feed.  Full details can be found here:

We are always encouraging our clients to keep their social media content engaging and interesting.  Read our blog entitled “It’s not all about me, me, me”  to find out more.

From the New Year, consider the following when trying to push a product or promotion on Facebook:

  • Write a blog!  Provide a solution and link people to your latest blog article, where details of your products, services and promotions can be mentioned.
  • Ask questions and encourage discussion.  You can link to pages of your website in your comments.
  • Use photos and videos.  Again, providing a solution, rather than purely “selling”.
  • Think seasonal – Tap into holidays, celebrations, New Year, Valentine’s day etc.
  • Use Insights to monitor post reach and work out what is working well and what needs improvement.

If you’d like any help with your Facebook content in 2015, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Happy New Year!
From Lisa & Claire

Does social media scare you?

We’ve been working with a couple of great clients recently who are, by their own admission a bit scared of social media.

It’s not social media itself…..although Facebook-phobia sounds quite good! It’s the fear of putting themselves ‘out there.’

To set up a profile on Twitter or LinkedIn, on any of the platforms, is to say ‘hey, I’m here’, it’s about really pushing your business and your opinions into a public forum and depending on your personality type, it may not sit comfortably with you.

We love working with clients who are a bit scared as we always show them that it’s more of a small step than a giant leap. The regular advice we offer includes the following:

  1. Be authentic. Stay true to who you are and you can’t go far wrong!
  2. Go at your own pace. No-one should tell you that you MUST be active on every single social media space…pick one or two and get to know them fully and use them well!
  3. Start as you mean to go on. Investing in some social media training at the outset is a really good idea (and not just because that’s one of our services!) Feeling confident about the platforms you are using is half the battle
  4. Get advice. Ask friends and colleagues about their social media for business experiences and follow businesses similar to yours to see what they are up to
  5. Communicate! If someone posts to your Facebook wall, respond. If someone sends you a Tweet, send one back! Don’t hide!

If you’ve been considering using social media as a marketing tool, we say go for it! We promise that it’s not nearly as scary as you might think and who knows, you might even enjoy it!

Engaging content….it’s not all about ‘me me me’

lostWe’ve run some great social media workshops this past month with all sorts of businesses – from start ups to the well established, our clients come in all shapes and sizes but the one common question when talking about their social media channels is, ‘what do we say?’

Great posts create opportunity for discussion, sharing, engagement and networking.  The ‘better’ the post the more chance they have of being liked, shared or commented on/replied to.

To help our clients we’ve developed our own top tips on engaging content for social media….here’s a taster to get you started – just get in touch by emailing if you’d like to find out more.


Use links to drive people to your website.

Enter a link into Facebook and it will automatically come up with a large ‘click’ area. The image here is important. Choose wisely

Use engaging copy, images and videos

  • Photos and videos get attention.
  •  Try to keep posts between 100 and 250 characters.

Create a two-way conversation

  • Ask your fans to share their thoughts and feedback
  • Always respond
  • If you’ve had some feedback or a request act on it and share on SM. This will help to build customer  loyalty

Share discounts and promos

  • Keep your customers interested
  • Keep reminding them about what you can offer
  • Does the promotion have an end date? Share this to create a ‘buzz’ a feeling of ‘I must do this now!’

Competitions – exclusive to Facebook / Twitter

  •      Reward your connections every so often
  •       It could be when you reach a certain number of likes, on an   anniversary, around a seasonal ‘hook

Think ‘seasonal’

  • Tap into holidays, celebrations, Father’s Day etc

Plan your content

  •     ·    What are your objectives?
  •     ·    Work out a ‘calendar’ of what you want to say and how you are going to say it
  •    ·    Use Hootsuite (or FB’s in built scheduler) to plan ahead

Review your page using Insights

  •     ·     See what’s working and what’s not
  •     ·     Which posts are getting most ‘reach’ and engagement?
  •     ·     What time of day is working

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Open post

Get social…..

If we said ‘social media’ to you – what would you immediately think? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn?
You’d be right, these are traditionally known as the ‘big 3’ but there are many other platforms making nothing short of a meteoric rise in popularity.
Instagram has reportedly attracted 67 percent of the top brands in the world – taking it into the ‘big leagues’ of social media platforms.
With Pinterest also showing rising popularity – 48.7 million users (February 2013 figures) and Google + is quoting a figure of 135 million users whilst You Tube states it gets 800 million users each month.
These figures are just staggering aren’t they?
And do they leave you feeling a bit confused? Wondering which social media platform is right for you. Well here’s a brief guide to each of the platforms that we hope will cut through the figures and the hype and get you comfortable with being ‘social.’

Facebook has an incredible 1.11 billion active users so it is little surprise that Facebook has become the most widely recognized name in social media.
Facebook isn’t just about who’s dating who and who’s watching what on TV!
Facebook for business is highly credible and allows you to create a business page – a few minutes is all you need – and you can then invite people to join or like your page. We believe this is a must for any business!

Twitter has 200million monthly active users worldwide and is regularly referred to in the news – many stories break using Twitter (did you know the killing of Osama Bin Laden was first reported by a Tweet?)
There is no doubt that Twitter has caused a real buzz in the business world – in very simple terms Twitter is a free micro-blogging service that allows anyone to say anything to anybody in 140 characters or less!
LinkedIn has around 200million users worldwide and is said to be the largest network of business professionals in the world.
Very quickly LinkedIn can provide a host of business people with whom you can network with.
There is business to be won on LinkedIn, strategic alliances to be made and job opportunities for anyone looking for a promotion, a new career direction or just a change!
Here at One to Three we believe ALL businesses can find their place on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. ALL businesses have a product or service to sell, hints and tips and news to share.
Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, products, styles, interests and more. Users can browse other pinboards for inspiration, ‘re-pin’ images from the web / their photo gallery to their own pinboards, and ‘like’ photos.
Pinterest is a fast-growing social media platform – launched in 2010, it’s a relative ‘new kid on the block.’
Instagram describes itself as “a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your photos with friends and family.”
Pictures taken on your smart phone or tablet can be filtered to transform their look – posting a picture to Instagram allows all of your followers to view and comment on the picture.
Pinterest and Instagram are particularly important if you are selling a product – particularly a lifestyle product. You can showcase your goods in an elegant and visually exciting way on these platforms.

YouTube is a video-sharing website, created in 2005, it allows users to upload, view and share videos. Now this is stating the obvious but YouTube is all about video content – ALL businesses can benefit from having a video made about them. Whether it is a ‘piece to camera’ a product demo, a tour of a facility – video is a powerful marketing tool and an important part of your online presence. Don’t forget YouTube videos can be shared on all of the other platforms above (with the exception of Instagram.)

If you still feel you need a helping hand before you leap in to the world of social media please drop us a line – and we’ll help to make your social media as easy as 1, 2, 3!! 

Open post

We wanna hold your hand!!!

Please sing this blog’s headline to the tune of the well know Beatles song!! Thank you!!
But why do we want to hold your hand – well having a hand to hold is comforting isn’t it? A romantic stroll holding hands, a walk to school holding hands with your child – how lovely! 
Yes you say but what’s this got to do with a business blog……
Okay, let’s get to the point – many clients have employed us in recent months to hold their hand as they dip their toe into the ocean of social media. We are there to guide them, teach them, develop strategies with them and answer questions which almost always begin with, “I know this might be a silly question, but………”
Whenever you are trying something new it’s nice to know you’ve got someone to turn to with those “silly questions” who can give you the answers and help you along the way. 
We work with some clients on an ongoing basis, managing their social media strategy day-to-day but with others we will work with them for one or two months, getting them started, building their confidence…..holding their hands!
If you’d like to find out more about how we can offer a bit of comfort and familiarity in what can be a scary online world please contact us via

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