5 ways to keep in touch with your clients in lockdown

5 ways of keeping in touch with your customers

So – here we are again, in Lockdown. The latest news of Lockdown3 was a huge blow both personally and professionally  for so many, first and foremost we hope that everyone is okay.

When Lockdown1 hit us all back in March 2020 there was a real panic in the air – businesses had to move online overnight; this time, we all know a bit more about what we should be doing. Zoom has become our new best friend! There are so many marketing opportunities available in our digital world so we thought we’d share 5 easy ways of keeping in touch with your customers.


  1. Update your Google My Business listing once a week. When you post to Google My Business, unless it is an event post, it will last for 7-days. Making sure you have a regular post on your listing is great for local search and if you think about the content carefully can be really useful information for your customers. Think about what services you can offer, what discounts you currently have. Don’t forget to update your opening hours too and also make sure you post a Covid update if relevant.
  2. Use video. All of the social media platforms encourage the sharing of videos, it’s such a nice way to engage with your customers. You can go live or record a video and then post it. Just check in to see how everyone is doing – keep it short (around 3-4 minutes maximum) and don’t overthink it. Social videos do not need to be perfect.
  3. Share a story. Instagram is the “Mother” of stories but they’ve been adopted by all of the other platforms too. They last for 24 hours and are a really nice way to engage with your audience with a video, image or bit of fun.
  4. Comment on others’ posts. Remember social media isn’t all about you! Interact with others – answer questions, ask them, share a picture that made you smile, share your experiences. Be Social!
  5. Send an email. We are still advocates of email marketing – a carefully crafted MailChimp can be really appealing and is a nice way to check in. Really think about your subject line and imagery – keep things simple and on brand.

We hope you found this useful – stay safe and well and keep in touch.

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