We’re all going on a Summer Holiday……

……no more worries for a week or two!!!

Or is keeping in touch with your clients worrying you?

Many of our clients are like us, working mums who strive to find that elusive ‘work life balance.’ With the six-week Summer holiday just around the corner have you given much thought to how you will keep in touch with clients and prospects whilst you squeeze in some days out with the children and perhaps even a fortnight in the sun?

We think we’ve got the balance pretty spot on so thought we’d share with you how we do it!

In terms of current clients we are honest with them about how we work over the Summer – generally it is consolidated hours at our desks when the children are at sports camp or with Grandparents, catching up on emails of an evening and available by mobile phone for any emergencies.

With two of us running the business we also have the benefit of being able to cover for each other – if one of us it out of the country sipping a Cosmopolitan by the pool, the other takes on the responsibility for all clients.

This will be our third Summer of working this way and ….. well it works!

But what about keeping your own marketing afloat over the Summer months? If you’ve worked hard all year to build your blog, keep your website up to date and grow your social media presence you don’t want to spoil that hard work with a 6-week silence!

Tools such as Tweet Deck and Hootsuite allow you to keep your online marketing ticking over, even if you don’t have as much time as usual to dedicate to it. A bit of forward planning now and  you can have your Facebook and Twitter posts scheduled, your blogs written and ready to go live on your website and no-one will feel neglected.

As well as keeping our own presence up to date in this way we manage a number of our own clients’s social media feeds, providing content and strategy……check out our case studies page to find out more about how we can help clients!

So relax, get scheduling and enjoy some well deserved time off this Summer!

Happy holidays!!

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