Virtual Marketing

Virtual Marketing

Do you need marketing support but can’t justify a full time marketing employee?  We can be your virtual marketing team and can help with all areas of your marketing mix.

We charge by the hour at a rate of £65 per hour.

Many of our clients ask us to help with one area of their marketing e.g. social media and then we end up helping them with other areas including newsletter production, SEO and website management.  We are proud that our earliest clients who took us on board when we first launched the company, still employ our services today.

We can provide ongoing support with all elements of your marketing mix from key messages to assistance with blogs.  We are entirely flexible and clients can book as much or as little of our time as they need.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

“I enjoy working with Lisa as she understands what I am trying to achieve and comes up with ideas to support that. Lisa is an integral part of our marketing team and I know that I can trust her to be available and responsive to our needs at Creative Dynamic Print. Lisa works with us on a regular basis on all our social media and email marketing. I would definitely recommend her services to any business, large or small.” Nicola Regan, Creative Dynamic Print

“Claire has become an integral part of my team since I began working with her at the beginning of 2014. She has given my marketing and PR the direction that it required and with the press coverage that she generated within a matter of weeks and the relationships she has helped to build, awareness of Q1Care Ltd has risen dramatically. Always available on the end of the phone and willing to help with any marketing related project from photo shoot direction to brochure writing and social media marketing, Claire’s enthusiasm and creativity is endless.” Melanie Meads, Q1Care Ltd 

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