Ending the year with a bang…..

The calendar here at One to Three HQ is bulging with appointments right up to the end of the year and although we ‘shut up shop’ for Christmas, we don’t down tools until the very last minute of our working year.
It can be tempting to see the last quarter of the year as a fight to the finish line and making it through another year but we have found that quarter 4 is actually a great time to ramp up your activity and end the year with a bang not a pop! We practice what we preach to our clients and we are investing our time in not only servicing our wonderful array of clients but to building our new business contacts and networking.

This week alone we have met with two local companies who are interested in partnering with us (watch this space) and have had a number of new business enquires thanks to word of mouth recommendations.  Lisa has also run our first ever Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) workshop, with great feedback from the client and Claire has added advertising copy to her portfolio of copywriting skills!
Networking has been the life-blood of our business (over half of our clients have come from business networking) and it is thanks to online networking, via a local business group, that we can announce our newest client, the inspiring Elevate Associates Ltd. Claire and Lisa will be working  with the Elevate team over the coming months to build awareness of their leadership and business coaching expertise via their website, social media and PR. You can find out more about Elevate Associates Ltd on their website www.elevateassociates.co.uk
We intend to end our year with a bang – do you?

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