Did we mention that we love Christmas?

Oh we did? Well sorry to bore you but we really do …..so is it any surprise that December 1st was the evening of the One to Three Christmas ‘do.’
We have been friends for longer than we’ve been business partners so going out for a meal and a bottle of bubbly is certainly no hardship and with our two biggest fans (our husbands) at our sides a great night was had.
The Arbour in Pinkneys Green, Maidenhead http://www.thearbourgroup.co.uk
was our chosen destination and the evening went without a hitch (two years ago Lisa set fire to her menu so we did quite well really!)
As we always do when we socialize together we had a blast, drank a little too much (but it is Christmas) ate far too much (see previous excuse) and laughed a lot!

We often say we love what we do and a big part of that is because we love each other (sorry to gush, but again it is Christmas) and working together has been a lovely bonus to a friendship that is well into its second decade. We know, we don’t look old enough!!
Most importantly we raised our glasses to all of our wonderful clients who continue to support us so thank you and Merry Christmas!

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