Counting down to Christmas with One to Three……

We love Christmas here at One to Three and come 1stDecember our halls will be decked and mince pies will replace biccies for elevensies!
We also see it as a great opportunity to communicate with past and present clients – and the odd hot prospect too.
Fascinating research by the Harvard Business School shows that the probability of selling services to a prospective customer is 1 in 16. However, the probability of selling services to a current customer is 1 in 2. 

New business development is important of course but businesses still tend to spend a disproportionate amount of time on new client acquisition and ignore their existing client base.

Spreading the season’s goodwill is a great excuse to get in touch with your clients. You don’t have to send expensive gifts, how about a Christmas card, a seasonal blog post, an email campaign or even a social media campaign.
We have all of our Christmas communications nicely planned….our cards are written and our gifts are wrapped…..there’s also something that we really think will make people smile… this space… we’ll keep you posted!

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