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Whilst there's no doubt social media is an excellent marketing tool for businesses the addictive nature of it is a
What were you up to yesterday morning? We had a slightly 'different' Sunday to usual, as we were thigh deep
The algorithm changes to Facebook have, pretty much across the board, seen a reduction in reach. Whilst engaging content, some
We are celebrating our 8th anniversary this month! We say this every year but we really don’t know where the
One of our clients, Pennie Withers, is a professional photographer and we're looking forward to working with Pennie next month
The notes below are our understanding of the main aspects of GDPR, looked at from a marketing perspective. They are
Facebook is often in the news – profits made, fake news, social responsibilities…..but in recent days it has hit the
We enjoyed a fantastic strategy and planning meeting today in the great outdoors! With three dogs between us walking them
In the ever changing world of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), we wanted to share some SEO tips to consider if
Do you send email campaigns to stay in touch with your database? You may want to set up a double
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