Have you tried Facebook stories? Here’s our guide.

The algorithm changes to Facebook have, pretty much across the board, seen a reduction in reach. Whilst engaging content, some targeted boosts and use of video and imagery can help to increase reach, Facebook stories are another ‘free’ method of doing this and they’re currently not used widely so it’s a great time to get […]

Bite-size Marketing Packages

Digital Marketing during the Coronavirus During the current climate, we have all had to change the way in which we work.  More and more people are turning to social media to stay in touch and many businesses have moved online, making their digital marketing even more important. However, we also understand that this is a […]

9 tips to improve your social media

To celebrate our 9th anniversary of being in business here are 9 tips to help you to improve your social media. First things first, are you using the right platforms? Instagram isn’t for every business – it suits a younger audience and a visual product. Twitter won’t bring much to the party unless you have the […]

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